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Pvp Bone/Poison Pubby dueling Necro

Discussion in 'PvP' started by compubuy, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. compubuy

    compubuy IncGamers Member

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Pvp Bone/Poison Pubby dueling Necro

    Been thinking of the following pvp build idea, which might offer a bone necro better chances against certain opponents due to the addition of the second attack of poison nova.

    Magic Damage

    20: Bone Spirit
    20: Bone Spear
    10: Bone Prison
    10: Bone Wall

    Poison Damage

    20 Poison Nova
    10 Poison Explosion
    10 Poison Dagger


    1 Point into all except dim vision, confuse, and attract

    (Fully powered at level 99)


    No hard points; but a fire golem can be summoned from an item, and he won't poof when you remove that item. A nice choice might be a wand with plus to fire golem, plus to golem mastery, and plus to summon resist. Otherwise just don't use a summon except for walls and prisons.


    Enough strength for gear: enough dex for max block: base energy: the rest goes into vitality.


    Helm: 2OS, Plus 2 Necro Skill, 20% FCR circlet (Ber, Ber)

    Amulet: Plus 2 Necro Skill, 20% FCR

    Weapon: Wizard Spike (Socketed with good rare jewel--fhr, cold resist, res all, etc). You could substitute death's web but your stacked resists and fcr will take a hit. Maybe keep in stash for massive poison stackers.

    Armor: Enigma

    Shield: Homunculous (socketed with Ber)

    Gloves: Trangs

    Belt: Arachnid

    Rings: 2XSoJ or 1 Soj 1 Ravenfrost or 2x wisp or 2xDwarf etc.

    Boots: Sandstorm Treks

    Switch: Call to arms, Spirit (or lidless, sigons shield)

    Prebuff: Treachery, CTA

    Charms: Anni, Torch, Skillers, and small charms (arrange to get 86fhr breakpoint)

    This tentative build/set-up offers:

    130% FCR (important for movement and magic damage: however, for some duels you might want to ditch the Arachnid for T-gods and drop down to 110 fcr or 90 if using death's web, but then you'd probably have to use arachnid belt)
    86% FHR
    47% Physical damage reduction
    Max Block
    Minimum Stacked resists of 145 (Cold 175). These will likely be a bit higher however because I didn't consider the possible resists that could be on the circlet, ammy, and rare jewel.

    Overall the gear could withstand a wide variety of attacks, which is what you find in pub duels.

    The pvp damage works out to about 500 per spear/spirit and 875 per poison nova (assuming zero resists).

    The pvp magic damage works out to be about 1/2 that of a pure boner, but I'm thinking the poison nova attack would more than make up for it in terms of flexibility against certain classes.

    What do you think? Suggestions/improvements are appreciated.
  2. compubuy

    compubuy IncGamers Member

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Stat distribution

    I went ahead and figured out what the stats would be with optimal gear:

    Base Strength (20 str anni 20 str torch mage plate enigma: takes care of all strength)

    Dex (About 145 -- 20 dex anni 20 dex torch 20 dex on circlet, 20 dex on Amulet) You can subtract another 20 dex and add it to vitality if you want to be married to ravenfrost.

    Vitality 400 or 420 with permanent ravenfrost

    Base Energy
  3. clairetay

    clairetay IncGamers Member

    Dec 4, 2005
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    emm im not a very good nerco player but if u wanna have nova maybe u would just wanna get a good wand with +3 nova in it n make a white out of it.. its better than putting yur points into nova it self

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