PvP Bone necro gear help.


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PvP Bone necro gear help.

Hi, at the moment I am planning out a PvP bone necro that i want to make. I have played D2 for quite some time and know a lot but I wanted to turn to the experts for the final gear options.

Over time I have just accumulated a lot of random necro gear. This is why i need some help. I can afford mostly anything i dont have, just nothing INSANELY gg. So ill just start explaining what i have a questions.

The main question here boils down to block or no block. I have gear to do either... here are examples.

Helm: For a helm i personally would assume that id want either a skill/fcr circlet... which i personally find quite ugly :smug: but that isnt the main concern here and I could cope, or, I could see shako as a powerful and sexy looking helm especially with all the whining I've heard over mana issues...I was also looking at maybe a Kiras... again ugly but... res/fhr... looks kinda nice, stat wise at least. EWW WHITE HAIR hahaha.

Weapon: For a weapon... I have access to various things... 8BS white with decrep... Hoto, Wiz pike... again i dont really know.

Shield: For a shield I have just about whatever I need. I would really enjoy to use my 3/3/3 Darkforce that I have just cuz its rare and all hehe but I know that pretty much says no max block for me =/ I also have a Homo I could use... i could get a spirit or a ss too. I dont know. I REALLY like my darkforce :thumbup:

Armor: Nig, duhh Preferrably DS for looks

Ammy: Clueless... I was looking through gear sets that get me like 120 fcr...and I could use one of these really nice necro ammys that have like 7 fcr to get me over the top to that 125 bp. I could also get a maras... But this 7fcr Necro skills, 14 str 17 res ammy looks really nice right now...

Rings: Sojs I have, I also have Str/Fcr rings to get my str up for armor (Id like to use Dusk Shroud as i said before)... whatever else i could probably get

Gloves: I was thinking trang...

Boots: I was thinking eth treks

Belt: I was thinking Spider

Charms: Idk if id wanna go through the trouble of getting lifers and all, that would be annoying...I already have a 20/16 torch i believe... and i can steal an anni from a diff char.

I think thats all unless i was dumb and forgot something... So anyway... given the gear I mentioned and/or something I forgot, If I could get suggestions about my gear sets... I also dont mind going through the trouble of gear switching if that changes anything.

Oh, and Im gonna duel GM

Ty for the help.

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Re: PvP Bone necro gear help.

Read the stickied guide!!!

In the meantime:

Helm: Shako.
Armor: Enigma. I like BS
Ammy: Mara's.
Weapon: HotO.
Shield: Spirit Monarch 35% FCR
Gloves: Trang's.
Boots: Treks.
Belt: Arach
Charms: 20 life sc, Torch, Anni and +1 P&B skillers.
Switch: 6 BO CtA+ Spirit monarch.

- Now this isn't written in stone. The main thing here is to get 125% FCR bp. This is cruicial. If you find a godly circlet- use it. If you can reach 125% FCR with "White"- use it.
- I went with no- max block. Ama really hurt. Barbs, I handled them quite well because you can easily see when they're telepoting. But that's maybe cause I fought bad Barbs. This is up to you. But as the guide says: If you have no life skiller- you life would be too low with MB.

If you'd like, I can list absorbing gear as well. But again- read the stickied guide. It's amazing


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Re: PvP Bone necro gear help.

Well I looked through the stickied guide before posting. It never even considered any of the necromancer only shields... (Homo, Darkforce, Boneflame). Is this saying that spirit/SS outweighs all of them? Or was it just never considered?

Hello Jim

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Re: PvP Bone necro gear help.

No, it's because maintaining 125% FCR if crucial in PvP. If not, you'll see Sorc teleporting miles around you. And, sadly, non of the necro only shield have FCR.

The only option is Homu for blocking but the DR on SS is much MUCH more important.


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Re: PvP Bone necro gear help.

actually darkforce has 30fcr @@

but uh i think darkforce is good for a cute tpk build with a coa

high dr%, 125/86, good damage, and good amp radius

homun is okay, but i really prefer the dr% on stormshield over anything for a blocking build

homun is pretty cool to stack resistances, i guess

spirit's fcr/fhr/mana make it the ideal shield for almost everything, imo that's why i only bothered to list ss/spirit

gear doesn't really matter tbh just make sure you have 125fcr/86fhr, max/good resistances in hell/nm/where ever you duel and like at least 2.5k life and higher

don't be afraid to try out different setups. most setups accomplish the same things anyways... it just depends on your budget/what you have on hand, etc .. its mostly maximizing your life/damage/mana while maintaining 125/86 and dr%

Hello Jim

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Re: PvP Bone necro gear help.

Wow, can't belive I missed that on Darkforce.
Anyway, the huge FHR on Spirit is what does it for me:)