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PvP Bearsin Outline?

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Liquid_Evil, Oct 12, 2006.

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    Oct 2, 2003
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    PvP Bearsin Outline?

    I was wondering if someone had some experiences with a Bearsin. I was just toying with the notion of one in PvP and although I doubt they'd be any good, they seem like they'd be a fun, head-turner if nothing else. A 2 frame attack just seems like it would be keen. To best utilize it, I'd think you'd need to max these skills and use this gear.

    20 Fade -Resists and dmg reduction
    20 Claw Mastery -More dmg
    20 Venom -More dmg
    20 Shadow Warrior -Stun
    1 Mind Blast
    Rest into Blade Shield (to transfer OW and such)

    Then you could have Mind Blast on your left click (which you wouldn't be able to use in bearform) and your standard attack on your right click. The Shadow Warrior would only have the option of Mind Blasting which would work well with stun and your super fast attack.

    Standard pvp stats. I would assume that blocking would almost be mandatory on a char like this but SSoG (the guide writer for the PvM 2 frame bearsin) advocated against it. If we didn't go blocking we could use a resistance Mosers or a "Spirit" for the skills, 55% FHR, and nice mana bonus.

    Claw: 3+venom Jewelers Runic Talon of Quickness s/ Shael, Shael, ED%-15%IAS
    Armor: "Duress"?...Jewelers whale with +max jewels? "Bramble" to supercharge Venom?
    Helm: Guillaumes Face, Shako (for PDR), CoA (for PDR)
    Shield: Whitstans or Jewelers Deflecting for block, "Spirit" or Mosers if no block
    Belt: Trangs, Verdungos (for PDR), nice rare/craft
    Boots: Gore Riders, maybe Shadow Dancers if more FHR is needed? Hsaurus for a partial AR set bonus is a possibility.
    Gloves: Dracul's Grasp (the life tap should be going off like crazy)
    Ammy: Highlords or a nice rare/craft. (This is assuming we can get enough AR without the angelic combo)
    Rings: Carrion Wind (Together they provide 16% CtC lvl 13 Twister among other things which would be going off quite often giving a stun bonus) At these 2 frame speeds you could lock up a character.

    Faster Hit Recovery
    54% FHR- 7 frames
    86% FHR- 6 frames

    Faster Block Rate
    27% FBR- 8 frames
    40% FBR- 7 frames (Whitstans Guard)
    65% FBR- 6 frames (Jewelers of Deflecting s/4 Shaels)

    This isn't a practical char for me to build myself, I just like mulling over PvP builds in my head. Does anyone have any practical dueling experience with this type of character? How did you fair in general? What AR did you achieve? Life? Dmg? Any insight into what aspiring Bearsins should do?

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