PvP Bearsin help


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PvP Bearsin help

i posted about a pvp bearsin (or weresin) in the PvP forum but i though i would get more answers and help here. building a bear-char appealed to me because i was bored with every other cookie-cutter pvp char i had, and i have a beast (its low but only used for morphing anyway, better then using it as main wep on barb).

from my thread in the pvp section i learned bearsins can get insanly fast attack speed (3-2 frames) and that weapon block is wasted on bear. after finding out has fast these things can attack i wanted to make one.

here is what im thinking as far as skills go (open to suggestions here):
20 venom
20 claw master
20 fade
20 shadow master
1+ burst of speed
1 cloak of shadows

now for my gear, keep in mind im quite poor (1 char at time type of guy) and this is was i really need help with, i have a few setups im thinking of

setup 1- BoS setup
"um" or psn facet kira's
crazy fast claw (don't have yet)
"sheal" stormshield
"duress" boneweave
trangs gloves
upped gores (maybe trade for un-upped + other gear i need)
angelic ammy + 2x rings

with this i get 70%fhr, 30%CB, 43%OW

setup 2-Fade setup
"sheal" or psn facet guillaumes face
crazy fast claw (again dont have)
"sheal" stormshield
"duress" boneweave
trangs gloves
crafted, rare belt / trang belt
upped gores (same as above)
angelic ammy + ring + raven / angelic ammy + 2x rings

on switch ill have beast + spirit

with this build 80-100%fhr, 65%CB, 58%OW

with BoS setup i get to move faster, possibly more AR
with fade setup i get more fhr, more damage, but move slowwwww

my charms will be life, resists, damage/AR, and stats (until i can afford anni) ill also try and get a few shadow gcs

for casters ill probably get a 4x p diamond shield

i know bramble would be a better choice for armor but i cant afford that or CTA right now

i really wanna use this build in pvp, it looks like alot of fun but i still need help picking gears, skills, ect any info you have that will help me is greatly appreciated.


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let it be dude :rolleyes:

bearsin sux in pvp way to slow :( think with a bear/wolf druid you are better :thumbsup:


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According to Dragoon calculator until you get those 2-3 fpa claws to duel these ought to do while levelling/PvM :

Shael Nats Claw : 4fpa @ 15 oias
Shael Upped/Non upped Tucs : 4fpa @ 40 oias
Shael Firelizard : 4fpa @ 50 oias
'Wind' Feral Claws : 4fpa

For PvP crushing blow wouldn't be very useful so instead of set winged helm perhaps a simple shako would be better for the +2skills/dr to boost werebear/lyncantrophy? Also a seraph's hymm could be cheap prebuff ammy and highlord's/angelics for fighting. Good luck and wish you sucess as i have a weakness for non cookie cutter builds :D


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if i got shako i would probably sheal or facet it (depends on breakpoints), it would also mean more venom damage.

thanks for pvm weapons:D