PvP Barbarian?


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PvP Barbarian?

I wanted to know how to make an AWESOME Godly Barb PvP.
My barb will be using-----> arreats(40-15), goreriders, dungo, raven frost, SS monarch(um'd), angelic ammy, angelic ring, ebotd zerk(or Cb), draculs, Bugged Stone, 10wc Gc's, 2 +3 wc spears. Please tell me what i should use for stats and skills. Thx :thumbsup:

Sint Nikolaas

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Normally you'd see this the other way around.. someone know's the stats but not the equip.

As for stats, that's not hard. Strength enough to wear your gear (remember the +str), dex enough for max block, vit the rest.
As for skills, 20 WW, 20 BO, 20 mastery, the rest is up to you. normally 20 in shout and some points spread out.


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putting a 40/15 in arreat isnt smart, cause only weapon ias affects ww,

and sint nikolaas i love your avatar :lol:


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40/15 max wouldn't give him a bonus anyways, since they (along with 40/10 min) are bugged.