PvM Zealot-Smiter Hybrid question


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PvM Zealot-Smiter Hybrid question

Hi all! Just back to game after 18mths and boy has .10 made some interesting changes with skills/synergies/items hehe. I wouldn't say i am well versed with pallies and in the last patch i had made a schafferlot and he rocks big time :D Just started a zealot after reading the pally guides in this forum and kudos to u guys fo providing such selfless sharing of knowledge :D Ok my pally is now lvl 46 and i am only going pvm with him and basically i originally wanted to make him as a pure zealot but after more reading on threads, new runewords/items/ideas i thought of this build :

Max Zeal
Max Fanaticsm
Max Sacrifice
Max Holy Shield
Max Smite
Defensive tree : 1 pt (salvation)

Weapon : 'Grief' Phase
Shield : Upgraded HOZ or Rare +2 pally/resist all/30icb/20fbr/2 open socks elite pally shiled (stats/highest smite dmg shields)
Gloves : Dracul's (life tap/leech/stats)
Boots : Gore (cb/ds/ow)
Belt : Nosferatu's coil (slow) with shaft or strings (leech/pdr) with upped duri
Helm : Gaze (dual leech/pdr)
Armor : Shaftstop (pdr/life) or Upgraded Duriel's (cbr/life/resist/stats)
ring 1: ravenfrost (if shaft used) or dual leech rare
ring 2 : carrion
ammy : Highlords
PI Gear :
Weapon : B-star :p
Shield : Tiamats Rebuke :p
Or go with a high elemental dmg bow (also serves for anti-IM tactic)
Str : Enuff to equip upped HOZ
Dex : Enuff for max block with maxed HS
Vitality : Everything else
Merc : Act 2 nm Holy Freeze
Weapon : Cruel Warpike of the lamprey (2*amn)
Armor : Shaft or Duri
Helm : Tals Mask/Guil Face

The above items could get much godlier no doubt but i am mentioning what i have currently or could obtain as i started from scratch this patch a week ago so hope you guys could advise me on the viability or such a build? Also since smite stuns in pvm there is no need for FOH right? Also i am planning max block but not necessarily max pdr...and max resists or close in hell :p Remember - strictly pvm only - and i might not even max zeal so i could guarantee maxing hs+smite and go with some AR charms? Might merc or holy freeze? Thanks to anyone who could enlighten me :D


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I did the same sort of build when 1.10 came out I did not do so well, in temple games. But that was before greif. I didnt try to max smite till after the others where done. I have been thinking about the same build as well since grief came out. I am more then willing to help out. I have a guild writen in the paladin forum. That might have been deletled. No one really liked it here.

On switch it is really easy to use a bow. I have found that widowmaker did enuff magic based damage to do fine in hell games. When using magic arrow not guilded. The build is called smealot. Also your going to have a high dex just because of your using a phase blade.

I am on uswest.

Right now my set up is after scraping this chareter.
eth zod bugged vamp gaze.
140% ed eth rare conquest sword with fools mod.
zodded eth glads bane.
santuary kurast sheild 93% resist all
anglics 2 rings amulet


Also since upped hoz has a high str you are going to have to hope on really keeping your base str and dex really low.
If you are on uswest let me know I will try to contact you asap.


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Hihi xpumafangx and thank you for sharing your thoughts/ideas with me! I suppose this build won't be popular as i dun think is pvp viable but if one could pull it off then i feel it is a fun build for pvm and cool too! Also i just fell in love with smite while leveling my pally for the stun and i switch to zeal or charge and really nasty super uniques have no chance hehe. Those guysat the malus and forge especially didn't know what hit them and i kocked them for a considerable fraction of te map lol. Hmm i did see Sancuary as a great runeword for this build but i dun have lots of mal runes :p Last night i was fiddling with making a 'Spirit' sacred targe which has 4 open socks and 25 res all.Since it doesn't have godly tade value (and i dun have runes to make exile) as most vet duellers go for ones that are either eth or have a max 45res all i thought of just using it until i trade for a HOZ. It wouldn't be a waste as i shall definitely use it in the near future for a Hammerdin which i'd build hehe. Hmm you are right but the +str ondracs and duriel's might just be enuff to equip theupped HOZ and go for max life *or* i might get lucky and obtain a 15res all/-req jewel :p Yes i am on West and my acct is batuchka :D
p.s - I'm on ladder so they have bugged gaze there?


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Oh ya what merc did you use and looking at the uniq ward bow thats perfect for PIs and Abyss Knights/IM :p Thanks again :D


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A zeal/smite paladin is a Smealot acording to the paladin FAQ.
plus with that grief u only have to use that prereq point in smite to make it good, wich makes u able to max out on defiance :D


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Hmm this is to say that maxing ut smite won't let the bonuses from grief stack right? How exactly is that damage modifier from grief factored into final smite dmg bythe way? Now thati think of it - what about other attcks like charge, etc? Interesting option though :p


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NO No they ment you only need to add 1 point to smite for smite to do a good damage, when using grief. But if you really wanted too...

You could add alot more points to smite.

The cool thing about smite isn't the large amounts of damage in player vs monster the cool thing is the stun time. Then zealing till the monsters are dead. You can work with alot of other melee based classes with a smealot and stunning groups.

So what I am saying with the last paragraf is basicly hold shift smite then smite one guy, then smite another, then smite another, and then switch to zeal and kill them off.

The big thing to zealots is that they can add to diffance or blessed aim. Which keeps them from being hit alot or hitting alot more. Other wise they would have been alot like werewolfs, kick assasins, or jab/fend zons.

Werewolfs being low def, good amount of attack ratting, higher damage, and more life.
The other 2 I never tryed so

The big thing that you could say in the smealots def, in zealot vs smealot.
Is that a smealot can have a longer stun time vs a hyper zealot having a better def or attack ratting.

But the zealot would never have bolth as in a better def or attack ratting.

They would have to pick from the 2.

Also smealots do alot better in pubby dueling games were the can duel preatty much vs any other build. Also when not dueling vs a vet zealot dueler. You could easyly have the upper hand just by switching to smite.

I hardly ever use a merc. I find that protecting them is a pain in the butt I don't need. When I do player vs monster I find that most of the time I have to solo the game or get a rush from a friend. When a friend is not online I solo. I find that I learn alot more about the game when I solo. I am more then willing to use hit run tatics when this happens. Using a merc only gets in the way, for me.


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Thks again for sharing your thoughts :D I have finally gotten my gear setteld and made a reasonable grief pb today and he is lvl 70 now and his gear is thre cept he has to lvl to 76 for draculs :p Hmm instead of a bow for PI/IM i was fiddling of making a 'Passion' runeword Cryptic Sword. It gives +1 Berserk so i was wondering if i could zeal while berserking? Mass PIs would fall prey to this if possible *evil grin* I wanted to go with a zerker/ettin/small crescent but my final gear only has 20ias from highlords so thought a -10 weapon like cryptic would be better? Hmm ok merc is my lvl and i am thiking of making a 'Lionheart' armor so he could has enuff str to use a Bonehew and he doesn't die often with his 'Honor' eth partizan :p What u guys think?


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Ya the passion crytic sword is good enuff. The fact that it berserk is not effected by iron maiden and magic immues are not all that commen. The only down fall to berserk is that it drops your def to 0.

What is your final gear?


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My final gear would is as follows :
8/7/19 gaze
8/15 string/t-gods (depends on situation)
P-diamond HOZ
375/39 'Grief' phase
'Lionheart' boneweave
rare life leech/AR/resists ring
and on switch :
'Spirit' sacred targe
* final weapon on switch = 'Passion' cryptic sword
Merc gear (might)
Tals mask
Cruel Warpike
Duriel'd Shell

Decided to go with Lionheart as it had lots of bonus to str and dex with good resists and i just spent some pgems to obtain the runes too :p So far i have 34%pdr, 75% block and 25ll/7ml and about 50 res all (75lr) with the option of lite absorb if i wish :D Now lvl 77 and doing baal runs - maxed Fan,Zeal, Holyshield and a couple short of maxing Sacrifice and thinking of maxing Smite - good idea? Also i have not upped my HOZ but seems my smite is ok with grief and the str req is much lower - you think its better if i upgrade it? If so i still can equip it w/o problems as draculs + lionheart gives +43 str and so far i have not out any to str after hitting 110 and just ensuring max block with max HS and dumping everything to vitality :D
He is a very fun char to play/quest/lvl and i'm running hell pindle and his goons to find 4s cryptic and/or lvl merc :p