PVM wolf build questions

PVM wolf build questions

So Im building a PvM wolf, and I need some direction!
Im Level 57 and I have maxed Fury and Lycan and some in oak spirit... now what?
Rabies? Is wolf worth maxing if I am going to use an ITD weapon since all it gives is a small AR boost? Is a bear really worth maxing if I have a good merc instead?
Here is the gear I plan on wearing when complete, if that helps:
Grief pb
Metalgrid (for the Defense and AR)
Loricated Fort
Dual leech rare
Umed SS

Any ideas for the merc? I was thinking a act 5er with a last wish cb, or maybe a faith act 1 merc. Suggestions?


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my own druid

hey dude i am having a pvm druid 2 he's lvl 87 now an rocking my wolrd a def a2 merc is the best choice for a merc

my eq =
jalals (thinking of changing it into spirit keeper)
botd thundermaul eth 390%
armor i am thinking about a coh or fort
as boost war travelers
as gloves soul drainers
as rings i wear natures peace and perf manald
as belt i use verdungo's

skills needid
i have feral rage 2 becouce it's a personal favorite
i have put 1 point i both wolves and using the lower wolfes as a distraction and ofcourse 1 point in ravens


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Ebotd tm blows.

Stick to your main grear and do hunger as you next maxing out skill. It will keep you from dieing even when your effected by iron maiden. Basicly works like this. Use greif phase and hunger. This does not work wile using a ebotd weapon.