[Build] PvM Windy Druid Build

Tyler Law

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The Windy Druid… A very powerful build, often making the top 5 most powerful builds and always making the top 10. Not only is this build ridiculously overpowered (when played correctly), it is also a very good learning opportunity for newish players. It’s a lesson in staying alive. This will make more sense when we get to the skills and leveling guide.

The Windy Druid is my personal favourite build, and the first that I used to beat hell mode. I think that it is the build that I’m most experienced in and I think I have a good amount of knowledge. Playing this game, there is a moment, a switch, around level 65 where you’re just like, “Woah, that’s what he meant.” This build is easy to play, you just need to watch your Battle Orders and Commands.

But why play Windy Druid? There's some pros and cons below, but this build is also for players who want to feel powerful, while still playing a challenging game. I'll talk about more great things later in the guide, as I said this is my favourite build in the game.


  • Very powerful

  • Fun

  • Fairly easy

  • Good learning opportunity

  • Can solo hell

  • Fairly gear independant

  • Looks cool

  • Specialized (Cold + Physical immunes suck ass)

  • Slow early game

  • By hell act 4 it gets repetitive

  • Perfect gear is expensive
In this guide, I won’t get into the math behind the stats, I don’t know anything about that, I just know how to solo hell with it. I will use a couple abbreviations in this guide, CTA (Call to arms), HOTO (Heart of the oak), BO (Battle orders, this also means Battle Command).


Strength - Enough for gear, for me it was 114

Dexterity - Enough for gear, for me it was 35

Vitality - everything else

Energy - Nothing required, it’s hard at first, but by level 30 you’re fine. Tornado is super cheap.

Let’s talk about these stats for a bit. Strength is stupid, no one actually uses it for anything but using gear. Ugh strength.

Dexterity, same as strength, but better! Some people like max block, I personally don’t for these caster types.

Vitality is great, the magic stat, don’t die! Walking looks stupid so you have to do it less. Vitality is especially great for us because our main skills come late in the game.

Energy, the worst stat! I saw a MrLlamaSC stream where this was a punishment! You have potions! The great thing about this is that the monsters before you starting having so much mana do so little damage that you can make your belt all mana potions with health potions on slot 1. If you’re no playing twinked and at level 50(ish) you still have mana problems, maybe you can put a points couple here.


The fun part! Skills are why we playing this game! Until the loot grind. The skills in this build are few, so I will write what I did, bolding the ‘must haves’ and leaving the optional skills normal.

Arctic Blast (1) - Cool skill, cool concept, but not very good. However, we will use it, alot! We are only putting one skill here, as a Prerequisite, but once again it is vital to our game plan, more on this later.

Cyclone Armour (20) - #BestSkillInTheGame? Sooooo good! Make sure you always have the little white strips circling you. There’s a bug or something that makes it so you can’t see how much has been consumed, but you just watch it. I recommend recasting this at the same time as you’re BO. (You don’t need to cast body odour, we always run, so it’s a given…)

Twister (20) - Pretty shit skill, but it’s a synergy to Tornado and Hurricane, AND Cyclone Armour. It has some use, but it’s not my jam.

Tornado (20) - So much damage! It’s our main skill and for a reason, it’s really good. However, it’s hard to aim, so that will take so practise. My suggestion is to stay fairly close to the enemies so you can aim better and Hurricane reasons, more on that later. I think mine did ~6k halfway through hell, it got a little higher when I made all my inventory +1 elemental skill charms. I would expect 6k damage per hit though, and we cast pretty quickly. The other great thing about this skill is it’s ten mana no matter the level, so wow!

Hurricane (20) - This is the idea of the Windy Druid in a nutshell. Get close to me, and I’ll kill you. This has surprisingly high damage for such a large area of effect. It also adds that every person you’re sending tornadoes at is cold, meaning you hit them harder and more often than they hit you. Similar to the Tornado skill, this has small effective range, making us a mid range caster. You’ll notice when you run the hurricane lags a bit behind you, be careful when running at mobs you don’t want anyone close to you to not be slowed.

Oak Sage (20) - The health bonus is amazing, with BO and this I’d be at around 6k HP. Don’t use the copy of this from HOTO, it dies much too quickly. I like having this always active.

Raven (1) - This is a prerequisite for Summon Grizzly. Not very useful, but still nice to have. I started using it about halfway through hell, I think that they were level 14, I was getting 22 hits from them. You’d be surprised how much blinding enemies can help, get into the habit of recasting this.

Summon Spirit Wolf (1) - Another prerequisite to Summon Grizzly, less good, kinda bad, they die to quickly.

Summon Dire Wolf (1) - See Summon Spirit Wolf.

Summon Grizzly (?) - Good tank, it’ll help your hireling, pretty basic though. It does and takes damage for you.

Leveling Guide and Battle Plan

This is the version that teaches you how to be careful and stay alive, my preferred guide

Play on /players8! It’s so much harder to play on /players1. To make it /players8 just type in /players8 on the chat. Hit enter to access it.

Save all of your points until we unlock Arctic Blast. The battle plan is simple here. Hit things until they die. If you can, find a pelt that adds to Firestorm so you can do some more damage. If you’re playing on /players8 this will pass super quickly.

Once you get Arctic Blast, the game plan barely changes. Just do crescent of Arctic Blast, making everyone slow, then hack through them. We continue like this for quite a while, until level 24. At level 12, start pouring a point every level into Cyclone Armour, it’s super good at all levels. By level 18 you should have 12 extra points, and 6 on Cyclone armour. Now just level Twister and Cyclone Armour simultaneously.

Finally, we have reached level 24! Tornado, instead of leveling Cyclone armour and Twister, now we’re leveling Tornado and Cyclone Armour. When you run out of extras skills, finish maxing Cyclone Armour first. When you hit level 30 put a single point into Hurricane.

Final step to leveling, max skills in this order, Cyclone Armour (it should already be maxed), Tornado, Hurricane, Twister. Now you’re level 81, and using all your gear (if you’re twinking). What do you do now? It’s up to you, here are my recommendations: Pour 20 points into Oak Sage, then grab the prerequisites for Summon Grizzly, and finish your Windy Druid by putting points in there. If you have a preference, comment below.

For physical immune monsters, spam Arctic Blast. For cold immunes, do what you were already doing, spamming Tornado. For cold and physical immunes… Run? Hellfire Torch gives you charges of Hydra, but they don’t do anything.

Hot Keys

Yours won’t be the same, but this is to give a sense of which skills are important, and maybe even a new beloved hotkey set up.

The first thing to mention is that I use one of those mouses for business with the chrome back and forwards buttons on the side. I’ve set these as skills ‘Q’ and ‘W’ the game reads them as ‘mouse4’ and ‘mouse5’.

For hotkeys, this is the setup I use for all characters:

F1 > Town Portal

F2 > Switch weapons

F3 > Run/Walk

F4 > Quests

F5 > Character

1-4 > Belt slots

Sometimes F4 and F5 will switch, it just depends on how I’m feeling.

For this character I have the following:

I like to leave Tornade as my left click skill, no matter what.

‘Q’/‘mouse5’ > Teleport This is my main right click skill

‘W’/‘mouse4’ > Hurricane I like to be able to recast this quickly

‘A’ > Oak Sage I use the second rank for support skills

‘S’ > Cyclone Armour I recast this at the same time as BO and it’s right above my BO skills so this is easiest for me.

‘D’ > Raven I like to have these active but I often forget, having the hotkey is nice for when I remember.

‘Z’ > Battle Command Cast this twice, it works on itself so you can get a higher duration from it, that’s almost equal to BO.

‘X’ > Battle Orders Cast this after Battle Command for maximum effectiveness.

‘C’ > Arctic Blast For physical immunes, you’ll regret not having it at quick access.


Also known as the merc, you’re faithful servant is meatshield. This leaves us with two possibilities, Act V Barbarian, because you got great area damage; or the Act II Guard. Did I mention that they need to break immunes? So Act II Guard. Now which one, I currently have the Holy Freeze Guard, but I just realized that it might not be the best option, hear me out. Because of Cyclone Armour, we’re basically immune to elements, if we have Defiance, we are also a lot harder to hit. Also if because of Hurricane, we already have area cold damage, the only benefit is the non cold damage cold damage (cold immunities don’t count towards Holy Freeze for some reason, most of the Paladin’s damage is Holy ________ so it get past immunities).

TL;DR: Pick Holy Freeze or Defiance Act II hireling.


Finally, the grind! I saved it for last because this build isn’t as gear dependent as most… But let’s begin.



Ravenlore, this is better for Fire Druids, due to the -20% enemy fire resistance. But the +skills are still good for the Windy Druid. This is our heaviest piece of gear, with a strength requirement of 114.

Another good option is Nightwing's Veil, for the +15% cold skill damage. I prefer the Ravenlore because it gives another skill point to Tornado than Nightwing’s. If you do use Nightwing’s you only need 96 strength.


Mara’s Kaleidoscope, it’s the best amulet for casters, there isn’t much to say.


Enigma, only for Teleport. I might be biased, I can’t live without Teleport, but it is especially good for Windy Druids, teleport into the center, fire off Tornado while Hurricane kills everyone else.


Magefists, they’re the best, but you can of course use something else.


Stone of Jordan, but two of them! Mana burns will still hurt you and excessive teleporting to travel might. But usually teleporting normally won’t kill your mana too much. Sinse Tornado is so cheap this extra mana goes a long way to our ability to spam.

Main Weapon

HOTO, it’s the way to go. If you have a preference, by all means, go for it, but HOTO is amazing.

Main Shield

So boring! Spirit in a Monarch Shield. I can’t think of any others that quite meet that standard. Lidless Wall might make the cut, but still, I prefer Spirit.

Weapon Switch

CTA, it’s the way to go! Just amazing, a staple for all builds, except Barbarians… Duh.

Shield Switch

Most +skills you can find, they need to be universal (no parenthese saying druid only). This is just to boost your BO. The highest is +2. So if you find that, you’ll be fine.


The only belt for casters, Arachnid Mesh.


Aldur’s Advance, in my modest opinion, these boots are really good and often overlooked. Other options are the usuals, boots all do approximately the same thing. War Travelers, Sandstorm Trek, Waterwalk, you know, this is mostly personal preference.



I went for Guilliame’s Face, socketed with a Perfect Ruby, you could also put in a Lightning Facet, but when I got it, that didn’t occur to me. Another option is CLASSIC, Andariel’s Visage with a Ral rune.


Fortitude. In the biggest bad assest armour they can wear.


Guess… Take a guess! Yep, Infinity! It won’t break cold immunes, but it still lowers their resistance, making us all around better.