PvM then PvP WW sin


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PvM then PvP WW sin

I wanted to make a PvP WW sin, but i want to do hell with it to. So is PvM viable? I calculated hitting probably 4000 WW damage. Does that kill in hell?

20 CM
20 Fade
10 WB
20 Venom
10 SM

What about a WW trapsin?

dont know how to mix up skills the right way here


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I find my WW-sin, for it's costly gear, rather being disappointing in PvM. Ofcourse in PvP it's being really nice. I would like to say that it's very viable in Hell though. My tactic is the following:
1. Mindblast (Converts are the perfect shields, also dealing damage)
2. Whirlwind (This will provide the first corpses)
3. Death senrty (Even with 1 point in it, because mind blast groups them, very viable to finish the packs off. SHENK = FUN!)

I would also like to hear what gear you planning to use, so maybe we can discuss it. I just started my first Whirlwindsin last week :smiley:. Im gonna remake it because of miss-skilling though.

What I think about skills for a ww-sin.
CM = max, Increase 1 type of damage and AR for all damagetypes.

WB = 1 point. Not sure what I am gonna do with this. After +skills I only get 4% from 20 points.

Venom = max, :rolleyes:

Fade = 1-max, My theory = (50 after +skills) - dmg red from gear. (So you will hit 50% dmg red)

Shadowmaster = 1, After +skills he serves his purpose for me.

Mind Blast = max?, Very high level mindbalst will give a long duration. I am gonna start a post on this wheter it has a maximum duration of 10 seconds? Maybe it has a cap at level 41?

Wake of fire = 1, Just for the stunning

Light sentry = 1, Maybe also for stunning, since they start firing sooner after cast.

Death Sentry = 1-20, If you plan to PvE at all.

I have no idea how exactly im gonna skill my next WW-sin. Atleast some advise from where I went wrong. DONT PUT 20 POINTS INTO LIGHT SENTRY ONLY AND THINK YOU CAN DAMAGE ANYTHING IN PVP.

Have fun.



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Follow happy's guide and you'll do well in pvm if you solo. 8 player games will be frustrating unless you've got an infinity merc. I have 7.3k dmg traps and 3.6k ww per claw w/ venom. Once i hit act 4, it get's ugly in full games, but solo is no prob.
A big key is to make ur claws outta +3 LS modded ones. Of course you want DF, MB, SM, Venom, etc. but focus on getting LS on them. It will boost your traps hugely. Also stock up on Orts if you’re going pvm if you know what I mean.