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PVM, SP Blade Assassin

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Parapsycho, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. Parapsycho

    Parapsycho IncGamers Member

    Feb 11, 2004
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    PVM, SP Blade Assassin

    Well, today I plan on buying LOD (finally!!!), and I intend on making a blade assassin for SP games.

    Intended skill setup (so far):
    Blade Sentinel 20
    Blade Fury 1
    CoS 20
    Shadow Warrior 10-20

    Is this a good skill setup?

    I chose to max BS, because the mana cost doesnt change, and the damage and duration increase with each level. My basic strategy for BS will be to slow/freeze monsters so that I have a better chance of doing multiple hits with it. I also want to try to get some OW gear... Any skill/item suggestions for this? I was thinking of trying to get a Ravenlore, so the ravens can blind, while I cast BS.

    Blade fury is staying at 1 because the cost is only 1 per blade, and most of the damage will be coming from bonuses.

    CoS will be used to sneak around for suprise attacks, and to lower enemy defenses.

    I decided to use SW, instead of SM, because i can control what skills she uses. I can have her cast BS or BF as well which could confuse monsters, as well as just fill the air with more metal :) .

    Strength: Just enough for equipment
    Dex: base
    Vitality: all extra points
    Energy: Enough for 140 mana

    I hear that AR doesnt really play that much into PvM while using BF, so dex will be base.

    Strength and Vitality are pretty self explanitory.

    For energy, I want to have 140 mana. That will let me cast 20 BS, or 140 BF.

    Any helpful suggestions/comments are welcome....
  2. Fafner

    Fafner IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    You're gonna hate yourself if you max CoS, as you can't recast until duration runs out, anywhere, so unaffected monsters can swarm you and you can't do a thing about it (besides MB). I suggest you get a point in MB, drop CoS to one point (+skills will take care of it nicely). Master might be nicer than Warrior as she will put out DS, cast MB, etc. I think shadow warrior would limit your BS's cast. Venom is another suggestion, max it or not at all. I think you need an elemental skill to deal with PI's. Traps are nice but high in synergy cost. If you want to do the MA route, PS/FoF is nice or PS/CoT. Expect to drop 40-60 points in traps otherwis (LS/DS +synergy).

    Good luck
  3. wildjinn

    wildjinn IncGamers Member

    Nov 13, 2003
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    Yay for Assassins! :)

    I'm going to have to agree with Fafner on all counts. CoS is an amazing skill, and it's good that you plan to use it all the time, but the long duration of the darkness will probably annoy the heck out of you once you dispatch a field of monsters. The area of monsters that's affected is only slightly larger than one screen--once you move outside of that, it will still be dark, but the monsters won't be affected by the curse and will swarm you pretty well.

    AR is actually extremely important with BF, moreso than with almost any other skill I can think of. The AR used to calculate it is your base AR, and, while that can be taken care of with Ignore Target Defense on normal monsters, hitting bosses, champions, or uniques will be almost impossible by the end of the game if your AR is base.

    I'm slightly worried about the damage that blade sentinel will do later in the game. When you have monsters with tens of thousands of hitpoints, its damage seems paltry, which is unfortunate because of how cool of a skill it is. If, though, you can get a really high-damage one-handed weapon, it might be worthwhile because of the 3/8 weapon damage--still, that's relatively small, unmodified. Maybe if you put on some marrowwalk boots later, you can prison some monsters, then blade them to death with that trap. It would be a very stylish, but slow, way to go.

    Could you tell us what flavor of assassin you're looking to make? We'll probably be able to suggest some other specific builds to try if you're interested. You've got some good ideas here, but your character idea might have some difficulty late into the game.

    edit: does anyone know if blade sentinel works with venom? That might be very cool if it does--it would still not be the fastest killer out there, but it might become more viable late into the game.

    edit2: @ Zarhrezz. Cool. My BF 'sin has it going on with her, but I wasn't sure about BS. I suppose I could have just tested it..duh. :roll:
  4. Zarhrezz

    Zarhrezz IncGamers Member

    Jul 3, 2003
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    I'm 99% sure it does, same as with BF.
  5. King's Specter

    King's Specter IncGamers Member

    Sep 6, 2003
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    I was thinking that maxed CoS may be the solution to the to-hit problems with BF. It'd be nice to be free of ITD and / or lots of AR gear. The duration may be a good thing in slower-paced high playersX games, I don't know..

  6. tenaka

    tenaka IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    I have not had any luck with the damage output of BS at late NM or Hell nor have I heard of anyone else doing enough damage with it. Your strategy also seems to indicate you'll need to attack each and every monster 1-on-one which tends to either be unrealistic or tedious.

    Excellent and true. The additional mana cost makes the +1dam/point not worth it.

    Yes, but as pointed out you can not recast until it runs out so anything not cloaked the first shot will be a problem. CoS also helps with BF's lack of +AR

    SW does not cast BF (or never has for me) and I am unsure if she casts BS either. SM will do so much more for you and 17 pts including any +skills gets you all of her equipment.


    No, no and no. I go with the greater of 75 or min weapon requirements. BF is not auto-hit.

    BF leeches, you can get by with base energy and 5-10% ml.

    I dont know where you heard this but the only time AR doesnt play into it is if you have an ITD weapon and those dont work on Bosses and such. BF does not add AR so you need to get it somewhere. Personally I like to pump CM and always use claws.

    As I said, leech (and the occasional blue pot) will take care of all of your mana needs. Just pump Vit.

    Put a few pts in blocking and use a good +skill claw in your other hand. BF (and BS if you use it) use your main claw. Fade will be needed for resists. For all the bells and whistles there is an excellent BFsin guide stickied at the top of the assassin forum or here
  7. Todd

    Todd IncGamers Member

    Mar 9, 2004
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    I don't have experience with Blade Sentinel, but I did recently finish Hell with a Blade Fury assassin. My comments echo those of others for the most part.

    As stated above, you will regret 20 points in CoS. Great skill for a point or two, no more. Even at only 1 point, I often found myself waiting for the recast when fast Hell monsters came swarming in from offscreen. The enemy defense effect is helpful at high levels, but the duration will almost certainly get you killed.

    While I admittedly haven't tried it, I don't think that BS is a good idea. With BF, you can pump out a bunch of stars in a short burst - this is important for damage, but more important for crushing blow and other "on-hit" effects. I can't see how you'll get enough hits with BS to be effective.

    Next, you need something apart from physical damage to make it through Hell. Death Sentry is a good start, but you're limited by the available corpses. Lightning Sentry, either used directly or as a DS synergy gives you another element. Venom, in my experience, is pretty worthless even at high levels.

    After finishing my BF assassin, I used a SP editor to try out some variations - the one I liked best ran along these lines...

    BF 1
    CoS 1
    Fade 5
    LS 20
    DS 20
    SM 20
    Shock Web - remaining points after prereqs and above (for LS synergy)

    Finally, if you're going to use BF, you need to anticipate AR as the defining PITA of the build. As I discussed above, I don't think level 20 CoS is the solution, especially when those points are needed elsewhere. Maybe boosting CoS a few more points would give you some assistance, but I wouldn't go more than 5. That still leaves major AR problems. If you scope out the different guides around the Net, you'll find various solutions (ITD, Angelic, Demon Limb, Blessed Aim Merc, % AR bonus items). But the issue of keeping a high enough AR will absolutely dominate your gear selection if you choose to use BF. And if you're playing SP, the problems will only be amplified by lack of gear.

    Don't be discouraged. The build is not an easy one to plan or to play. But it is wicked fun when it works. Easily my favorite character in the 3-odd years I've played the game.
  8. StarWarz2

    StarWarz2 IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    I'll second that "It's not an easy build". It is, however a fun one. If you're the kind that likes to run in and slaughter everything no fuss, no muss ... Then, this build's not for you. If you're the kind of player that likes the "shoot and scoot" variety of character (like the Arrowless Bowazon or a Sniperzon) then this build will be right up your alley. Mine's currently in Act II NM (getting ready to take on The Summoner) and it's a blast. All in all, she's only died once (against Radamant in NM).

    Two things you have to worry about: AR (like's been mentioned) and Mana. AR can be cured by using ITD weapons, but this only helps against normal monsters. Champions, bosses/uniques and Act Bosses aren't affected. More's the pity. So, lotsa sharp charms a good Chaos claw on switch (or Jade Talon/Bartuc's) and high levels of Claw Mastery will solve parts of those.

    Would recommend either an Act II Desert Merc (Might or HF, your choice, or even the Blessed Aim merc could come in handy) or a Barbarian. Somebody (in addition to the Shadow Master) who can take.

    Mana ... lots of ML will help. And the 140 mana isn't going to cut it. Well, it will, if you don't mind spending a fortune on mana potions. :) 'specially against unleechables like skellies.

    If you're wealthy enough, a pair of Dracul's Grasp will solve that problem. I, however, am still looking for one o' those, so I can't really say "been there, done that" like with the rest of the above.

    Anywho, there's plenty of good advice in the last group of posts, so feel free to grab some here (ooooh, that looks good :)) and another piece there and make the character a little more unique.


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