PvM smither gear (not for ubers)


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Havent played melee paladin in years, i hate zeal. I was hoping something that plays similar to telezerker, with good defense instead of crowd control, teleporting to champions/bosses/uniques smithing them and moving forward.

Problem is i cant really figure out the gear since i would like at least 200mf on it before charms, some FCR, and i would really like to have just one switch for BO (no life tap wands, wizardspikes etc.) Is it possible? Playing in SP with RWM, so no torch or anni.


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I think it's better to post your question in the SPF, since it's SP related. I don't think this subforum sees a lot of traffic anyway.


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Do you have access to most items in the game, or what is your wealth like?

Where are you planning on running him?

Are you deadset on smite?


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Sorry for late response, vacation :)

I have 399dmg Grief PB, can make an Exile in 40allres etheral Sacred targe, and just one Ber away from Enigma. No good charms. Have all jewelry, belts etc. i could possibly need, no good rares.

Not really dead-set on Smite but i really hate Zeal, how animation looks and i dislike skills that lock me in place even for a couple of seconds.

I would like to be able to run CS, teleport to seals kill just guardians and Diablo. Basically play like telezerker but instead of crowd control be super-tanky, or at least tanky enough.


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Enigma is definitely a must have, and will also cover most of your mf%. Exile screams Smiter and CS to me, as it has all the perfect mods: Freeze target (so no annoying knockback), Life Tap, Defiance aura, some mf, faster block, increased fire res, ... Grief is the weapon of choice for a Smiter too, so it seems like you already have quite some key gear pieces, or are close to it.

Now how to get some fcr and CB? Gloves and belt aren't good spots to get CB, so I'd go with Arachnid's belt and Trang's gloves. Then one fcr ring would put you at 11 frame teleport. Not too fast, but you need 25% fcr more to reach the next breakpoint, while you still want some CB too. You could go with Griffon's or a 15% fcr amulet and another fcr ring (and Kira's in that case, to get CBF), but again, I think you'll want Guillaume's face as helm (mainly for the CBF, but also for the fhr), so ... Boots are Gores.

So long story short, if you are rich you can do Guillaume's socketed with Cham, 2x fcr ring with other good mods (mainly look for res all and life here), 15%+ fcr amulet (ideally with +skills and resists), Arachnid's, Trang's gloves, Gores, Grief, Enigma, Exile. Charms to cover resists in the first place, then +life, then mf. You could add 18% fhr to reach the next breakpoint, but I don't think it's worth it.

Cheaper version is Guillaume's with Um (or Shael if you can cover your resists elsewhere and want to reach the next fhr breakpoint), Mara's, Raven Frost, other gear is the same. One frame slower teleport, but cheaper option.

If you have a good 18%+ fcr amulet, you could also go for the 1 frame slower fcr breakpoint and swap out Trang's gloves for Laying of Hands for the huge fire res. One fcr ring and Arachnid's still get you the 48% fcr breakpoint in that case.

Merc is a Might merc with Fortitude, Steel Shade and Reaper's Toll, all eth if possible. If you don't like the Decrep interfering with you CTC Life Tap, another option is Obedience, Guardian Angel and Andariel's Visage. Or Insight, Fortitude and Vamp Gaze if you think you'll have mana issues. Or ... a lot of stuff can work here.

O yes, and make sure you know what works and what doesn't with Smite.

Btw, I still think you should have posted in the SPF instead ;).