PvM Skelemancer act 1 diablo problems


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Hi so I'm trying out the Fishymancer and my skeles aren't surviving Act 1 diablo's aoe.

I'm playing singleplayer no mods.
I'm level 26, 13 RS, 9 skelemastery, 2 clay golem, 3 golem mastery, 2 rsm, 1 teeth 1 CE, 2 amp, 1 decrep.
I have a defiance act 2 merc.

Is there something that I'm missing? I'm decreping diablo, but he still kills my skeles in 2 flame circles, after that I don't really have any effective means of dps.

I feel like I'm missing something... Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Diablo is not found in Act 1. Diablo appears in Act 4. From your description, it seems that you really are talking about Diablo and not some Act 1 monster. With that in mind, I think the short answer is that no, you're not really missing anything: Normal Diablo is probably the most dangerous boss to a summoner character out of anything pre-Hell and also one of the most tedious. You're probably not going to kill Diablo in one trip.

That's the short answer. However, there are steps that you can take to mitigate the problem. What you do depends on what you have and on what your preferences are. Here's what I've noticed...
  • If you are willing to grind to level 30 (using /players8 works best for this), you get access to Revive. Revived monsters are much more durable than skeletons and a pack of them can last much longer against Diablo. Somewhat famously, the urdars in the River of Flame have Crushing Blow, so if they land many hits on Diablo, they can take away most of his life.
  • The best characters for beating Normal Diablo are the ones that can either strike from a distance while staying on the move (dodging his spells) or the ones that can stand right next to him and fight him toe-to-toe. A summoner is ill-suited to the first and can have a rough time with the second.
  • Skeletons aren't going to last long at your level and there's nothing to be done about it. Clay Golem and your merc can survive longer. If you can get Diablo focused either on your golem or on yourself, your merc should last a long time and eventually poke Diablo to death. If you keep Diablo under Decrepify and targeting something other than your merc and you also equip your merc with a Bloodthief or similar weapon, then your merc will survive. Might have to keep mana pots ready for Clay Golem, though.
  • Resistances are essential, especially for fire. If you get enough defensive gear and a halfway decent weapon, you can switch to Life Tap and smack Diablo around yourself for a few seconds to refill your own red orb. But if your elemental resistances are low, he'll probably just kill you.
  • Standing right next to Diablo is safer than keeping a middling distance from him. You'll instinctively want to stay out of melee range, but unless you're hitting him from afar and moving constantly, this is wrong: fewer of his spells can hit you when you're standing right next to him.
  • Any character with the full Sigon's set, which you might not have yet but it's not too crazy to hunt down, can potentially tank Normal Diablo. Even a necromancer.
  • If you are really desperate and don't have or won't use any of the above, then do what it takes to whittle his life down in several trips. Poison him. Shoot him with arrows, bring multiple armies of skeletons to him. Just keep hurting him and eventually you'll finish him off. It is possible to shoot Teeth at him, run out of his range to recover life and mana, run back in and do it again until he eventually succumbs. This is not fun. It takes a long time. But it has been done.
The good news is that once you do finish him off, while Act 5 is generally harder than Act 4, Diablo himself is much more of a problem than any of the individual monsters in Act 5 until you reach Baal's minions, by which point your necro should be a lot stronger.


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yeah it wasn't my necro's tank that was the problem, but the skeles. I was scrolling around the other threads and it turns out that recasting clay golem on top of diablo with a full belt of mana pots did the trick, thanks for the answer tho, nice to see people are still around.


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Ah, congratulations. Act 5 should see your necro getting a lot stronger. Skeletons do eventually build up to appreciable damage and can fight most monsters, but in every difficulty, you'll find that Clay Golem can tank better and is a lot easier to resummon.

By the way, I wouldn't put more points into Amplify Damage. One is enough and with some +skills from gear you can even get a bit range on it. If you're going full summoner, you mostly just want to dump points into Corpse Explosion, Raise Skeleton, and Skeleton Mastery. You'll need single points in the curses up to Decrepify, single points in the P&B skills to get to Corpse Explosion, single points in Golem Mastery and Summon Resist, and enough points to acquire Revive. I also recommend single points into Bone Armor, Bone Wall, and Bone Prison. Once you have one in all of those, it should really just be Corpse Explosion, Raise Skeleton, and Skeleton Mastery as point dumps, because that's where your power comes from. Optionally, you can max Raise Skeletal Mage (if you'd like the range elemental attack, focus on improving a golem, or go for more points into Bone Armor synergies.


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Your merc basically has to kill diablo.

You should put 4 points into RS then one point into SM (repeat until RS is 20 then pump SM).

Never put more than one point into anything but the following: Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeleton Mastery, Corpse Explosion, Dim Vision. You can add 20 mages if you like. Everything else should never exceed more than one point. NEVER put more than one point in a golem or a curse.

All that said, normal Diablo is the skellymancer's one sticky point (the rest is easy). I recommend just getting him as far as you can, TP out - get a new army and go back in. The key is continually casting clay golem on Diablo as it dies. That buys your skeletons some time as Diablo appears to prioritize your clay golem. Decrep him instantly. Even a couple seconds without decrep and he'll waste your army.

When I do it, I run towards Diablo, decrepify, then cast gumby on him to give skeletons time to get in there. When gumby gets low, I resummon right on diablo. When I'm down to 1 or two skeletons, I'll TP out and grab some new skeletons. Res my merc and dive back in. Decrepify and cast gumby instantly and repeat until he dies.


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Am I remembering correctly that Iron Golem is better as a tank but depends on what you make him out of? I recall people buying tons of IK hammers and making their IG out of those. I guess most any hammer with good damage would work but I seem to recall this being said back int he day.