PVM: shield + fury terrible idea? and other questions ifra


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PVM: shield + fury terrible idea? and other questions

I've been messing around in single player with a fury druid. From what I've noticed, if you use a shield and fury, you'll rarely hit. Apparently everytime you get hit and block, you miss your furies. So is it a bad idea to go for shield with a fury build?

Second, quick question about feral rage: I use the skill, charge up a big ball. Now I switch to fury and start furying. Do I still have the life steal/damage/AR bonus from feral rage, until the 20 seconds of feral rage runs out? Or do I have to use feral rage to get the bonuses the big circling ball conveys?


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Actly using a weapon and a sheild with fury is a great ideal. There are alot of players here that use it.

When you charge up feral rage then switch to fury. You will only get the life leech from it.

Check out the guides plz and welcome to the druid forum room.


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Wow so charging up feral rage, then switching to fury is insta-health.

But I don't follow you on why a shield is good with fury. With the best possible gear (well almost...open B.net testing), when there were 3 - 5 guys on the screen that could connect with me, my killing speed dropped significantly because my fury was missing when I blocked. When I came against larger groups, 7 - 10, fury almost stopped hitting completely. However this problem was solved when I used a 2-hander (BotD) and cut through 10+ pack like butter.

So for physical immunes, because most are also poison immune, I assume either 1) load up on elemental damage or 2) find a source of amp/decrep.

But what about IM? What do fury druids do against iron maiden? This is much more of a problem in hardcore, which I play.


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If you don't like the negative side-effect of blocking, try using a stormshield but not boosting your dex. That way you won't block very often, but the 35% DR will really help.

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Fury is interruptable, so a two handed Fury will only get interrupted more often because you won't have defense from a shield. Either way is viable in PvM without a doubt, but if you're hardcore only then get an SS without question.