PvM Rift Dreamer Paladin


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PvM Rift Dreamer Paladin

My idea, which stemmed off my idea of a wizard pally, is to use rift runeword in a caduceous, use conviction as main aura, dual dream, and a faith merc. After that, i need 45 ias to hit 4 fpa zeal. 4 fpa is 6.2 attacks per second, which would mean a level 21 frozen orb shooting out every second on average. Level 21 frozen orb with maxed conviction should be a good way to slow enemies and deal some solid damage. With that, holy shock pulse damage, and elemental zeal, packs of monsters should go down very quickly.

Basically, this a dreamer setup with rift as main weapon, because i like the frozen orb idea. what do you think?


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Treachery would be a nice option. With it satisfies your entire IAS requirement and with Fade active it give +60% resists, 15% DR, and reduced curse length. Of course, you can use Fortitude, but then you have almost no other gear options. You must have 20% IAS gloves, Cat's Eye or Highlord ammy, and Goldwrap or Nos Coil belt. There are some decent uniques, but none that match these options IMO.

BTW - I really like the idea of using rift in conjunction with Conviction, it sounds like it could be devastating.


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Hey that could work, you might become an excellent "DRiftadin". It won't match a real cold sorc in terms of firepower but it could work as a massive crowd control skill and requires no mana to boot.

The casting delay will be a problem but if it cast mid-zeal i guess it will not bother you since zeal is uninterruptible. Also its CtC on Attack and not striking, so missed attacks can still launch the FOrb which is a great advantage. As for IAS, yeah your choices for gear will be pretty much fixed unless you use Treachery.

Please let me know how it turns out ! :D

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Hmm... I have got to a wondering...

Frozen Orb has a cast delay... does this still apply on chance to cast?