PVM Pure Lightning Javazon Questions


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PVM Pure Lightning Javazon Questions

Useast-Ladder : I have my skill points set up the way i want em.. you javazons know what skills I'm talking about.

20LF (lightning fury)
20LS (lightning strike)
20PS (power strike)
20LB (lightning bolt)
20CS (charged strike)

1Crit Strike

(Also, nub question, does impale affect throwing the jav's? if so i might have to put a point in it.)

I need gear for my Javazon. Can someone that has some time on their hands give me a list of Excellent/ELITE gear to wear AND a list of OK gear to wear in case i cant afford it. I also have an ethereal BOTD zerker axe 365% ED // +2 all +1 def aura SERAPHS // 62% ed 257% enhanced defense Ethereal Exile Vortex Shield // CoA 2 OS all res 20%, dr 11% FOR TRADE .. Can someone calculate that up and tell me how many HR's thats worth? I also have 4 HR's.

On my javazon right now i currently have a kinda crappy eth titans.. 163% non upgraded. 2 soj's // a manald heal // a shako // Tgods // Gore Riders // Sup 15% ed AP COH.

I would really appreciate if someone took the time to help me with this, i think it would really help out any other PVM lightning javazon'ers out there. Should be stickied IMO. (If it isnt already somewhere else! im sorry i didnt look.)

Thank you all in advance!!

~The dude

Evrae Altana

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Nowaydude said:
(Also, nub question, does impale affect throwing the jav's? if so i might have to put a point in it.)
After looking over the skill tree, it doesn't seem like Impale is a prerequisite for the lightning skills, so there's no need to put a point there. It does not affect your throwing abilities.


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You'll need more Pierce. I recently started HC with a very similar setup, except that in HC I do not use dodge/avoid/evade, but do use decoy.

I found that even with +4 all, +3 torch, +1 anni, my pierce didn't seem enough.

So I tested in single player, and although the difference was small, with 10 points in Pierce + skills, and the other 10 into the final LF synergy, I killed faster.

You have to keep in mind that if your LF pierces ONE more time per throw, or every couple throws, you are doing much more than 10 points in a synergy would do to LF damage. Here's an example:

75% Pierce: your first throw has a 75% chance to hit again. You have a 56% chance to pierce again. You have another 42% to pierce after that. And again, 31% after that.

75% - 56% - 42% - 31%

85% Pierce goes like this:

85% - 72% - 61% - 52%

The chance to pierce is much more important that many think. Not only does it add THOUSANDS of damage done, rather than a couple hundred that maxing another synergy would, it also gives a better chance that it again will do THOUSANDS of more damage rather than stop. The key numbers are the second ones...3/4 times with 85% Pierce you will hit again, while only 1/2 with 75% Pierce.

If you want the best CS build, go with the full synergies. If you want the fastest LF killing, go with at least 10 into Pierce. However, the difference between a CS build missing 10 pts of a synergy and one without is negligible. The difference between an LF build with more Pierce is very noticable.


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What to wear for PvM:

Griffons, I prefer +skills damage over -enemy light res because you may run into a light immune, and your damage looks higher. At any rate get the best one you can. If you can't get one, shako

Cat's Eye, fr/w is important for zons I feel most people neglect this.

Eth Titans, upgrade them

CoH is good, Enigma is good if you wish to try to tele (mf too) I'd say CoH since you already have it. You can always change your mind later.

Spirit, fcr doesn't really matter here

1 raven and
-one ring with stats, res, ml or...
-one soj if you need mana bk if you don't

Try to gamble gloves until you find 2-3java/20ias magic gloves. If you cannot find dracs always keep you alive.

Razortail belt. As the guy above me described pierce is important. This adds a piercing effect. Only belt for pvm if you ask me.

Sandstorm treks, Travs if you want more mf.

Hope that helps.