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PvM Poison Nova Summonmancer Guide

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Innocence1, Jun 13, 2017.

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    Oct 8, 2016
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    1. Strategy
    2. Skills
    3. Attributes
    4. Gear
    5. Mercenary
    6. Credits

    1. Strategy

    Use lower resist and poison nova to slay groups of monsters. On bosses you use decrepify and you need a good Mercenary with good gear to kill the boss or it will take ten minutes to kill Baal. As a Summonmancer you first need Skeletons. You can go to Blood Moor or Cold Plains and use your Mercenary, Clay Golem and Poison Nova to create bodies and make Skeletons but there is also a trick to get Skeletons. Go to Act 5 town, Harrogath, and take the portal by Anya. There are some bodies lying there and you can use them to make Skeletons. For this to work you can never take the Halls of Pain waypoint or the portal will dissapear. When you have all your Skeletons use the rest of the bodies for Corpse Eplosion. You can use Teleport to guide your army. If you want your army to attack a certain group of monsters you teleport towards them and walk back a bit.

    Function keys:

    F1: Lower resist
    F2: Teleport (from Enigma)
    F3: Decrepify
    F4: Poison Nova
    F5: Raise Skeleton
    F6: Clay Golem
    F7: Corpse Explosion
    F8: Town Portal

    If you go to Options, Configure Controls you can even assign keys to more Skills for Call to Arms.

    Low level Advice:

    Your most imporant Skill is Raise Skeleton. Put as many points as possible in it but don't forget to put one point in Amplify Damage, Corpse Explosion, Clay Golem and Skeleton Mastery. At level 30 you start putting points in Poison Nova and one point in Lower Resist. Put the first attribute points you get in Strenght so you can wear your gear. For full Sigons you need 65 Strenght. Then put points in Vitality and later get the required Strenght for your endgear and put the rest in Vitality.

    It may be difficult to reach level 30 for the Poison Nova. You can also go for Bone Spear at level 18 and restat at level 30. Otherwise it's a matter of getting a rush to Baal and being in the right area at the right time.

    Levels 1-15: Normal Tristram
    Levels 16-20: Normal Tomb
    Levels 21-24: Normal Cow Level or Chaos Sanctuary
    Level 25: Normal Ancients
    Levels 26-50: Normal Baal (at level 40 you can go to Nightmare and do Nightmare Ancients and do DiaBaalruns)
    Levels 51-60: Nightmare Ancients and then Nightmare Baal
    Levels 60-99: Hell Ancients and then Hell Baal

    On low levels you use a Boneshield socketed with two Perfect Diamonds or Acients Pledge and Resistance Amulet for Resistances. You can craft the Amulet with six different gems and any amulet, put them in the cube and transmute. This is an expensive way to make such an amulet so its better to just find one. You use plain Faster Castrate rings till you find better. Use Sigon Armor for Defence. You need a belt with 16 potions. If you dont have Sigon Belt you can buy a belt in Harrogath. Later you can use Skin on the Vipermagi for +1 Skills, Resistances and Faster Castrate. Use boots with 40% Faster Runwalk like Sander's Riprap. Any wand with +1 or +2 Skills will do on low level. Use charms with Life, Resistances or Magicfind. As hat you can use Cathan's Visage Mask for Mana and Cold Resist or Peasant Crown for +1 Skills, Energy and Vitality. If you have full Sigons you can use it in normal.

    2. Skills

    Summoning Spells:

    20 in Raise Skeleton. This is your main summoning spell.
    18 in Skeleton Mastery for Synergy with Raise Skeleton.
    1 in Clay Golem for using
    1 in Golem Mastery for synergy with Clay Golem.
    1 in Summon Resist for Synergy with Golem and Skeletons.

    Poison and Bone Spells:

    20 in Poison Nova. This is your main poison spell.
    20 in Posion Explosion for synergy with Poison Nova
    20 in Poison Dagger for synergy with Poison Nova (max this one last)
    1 in Teeth for prerequisite and low level use.
    1 in Corpse Explosion for use


    1 in Amplify Damage for use on lowlevel
    1 in Weaken for prerequisite
    1 in Terror for prerequisite
    1 in Iron Maiden for prerequisite
    1 in Lifetap for prerequisite
    1 in Decrepify for use on bosses
    1 in Lower Resist for use on mobs

    3. Attributes

    Strenght: Depends on gear more specificly on what your socket your Enigma in. For Enigma Archon Plate set Strenght to 103. With the Strenght boost from Enigma you will have engough for Marrowwalk and Spirit Monarch.
    Dexterity: None.
    Vitality: All other points.
    Energy: None.

    4. Gear

    In your gear you look for +Skills, Faster Castrate, Vitality, Life, +Life after each kill, Energy, Mana, +Mana after each kill, Mana regeneration, Resistances, Damage Reduction, Magicfind and you also need some Defence. Things you don't need include Damage, Lifeleach, Manaleach, Crushing Blow, Open Wounds and such skills because the Summoner is a caster and not a melee character. If there's more than one option given on certain gear the best option is mentioned first.


    Enigma Archon Plate: If you find an other elite light armor, like Dusk Shroud or Wyrmhide, with more than 450 defence and three sockets that's allright also. You can also use a Breastplate or Mage Plate but then you will have less defence but also will need less strenght. +2 Skills, Teleport, Life, Damage Reduction, Strenght, Defence and Magicfind.
    Trang Oul's Scales: +2 Summoning Skills, Defence, Faster Runwalk and Poison Resist.


    Death's Web: Reduce enemy Poison resitance, +2 to all Skills, +1-2 To Poison and Bone Spells, +Mana and Life after each kill. Socket with a Jewel of Resistance or Ist for magicfind.
    White Wand: +3 Poison and Bone Spells, +4 Skeleton Mastery, Faster Castrate, Vitality and Mana.
    Arm of King Leoric: +2 to Poison and Bone Spells, +2 to Summoning Skills and +3 to Skeletons. Thats a total of +5 to Skeletons.
    Heart of the Oak Flail: +3 Skills, Faster Castrate, Resistances.

    Weapon Switch:

    Call to Arms Flail: +1 Skills, Battle Command and Battle Orders.


    Homunculus: +2 Skills and Resistances. Socket with Um.

    Shield Switch:

    Spirit Monarch: +2 Skills, Faster Castrate and Mana.


    Harlequins Crest/Shako: +2 Skills, Life, Mana, Magicfind and Damage Reduction. Socket with Um.


    Marrowwalk: Faster Runwalk, +2 to Skeleton Mastery and Mana Regeneration.


    Trang Oul's Claws: 25% Poison skill damage, Faster Castrate, Cold Resistance and +2 to Curses.
    Magefist: Faster Castrate and Regenerate Mana.


    Arachnid Mesh: +1 Skills, Faster Castrate and Mana.


    Mara's Kaleidoscope: +2 Skills, Resistances and Attributes.


    Stone of Jordan: +1 Skills and Mana.
    Bull-Kathos's Wedding Band: +1 Skills and Life.
    Faster Castrate rings: Find one with usefull moderators like Life, Mana or Resistances.


    Annihilus: +1 Skills, Resistances, Attributes and extra Experience.
    Hellfire Torch: +3 Skills, Resistances and Attributes.
    Poison and Bone Grandcharms with 40+ Life: +1 to Poison Skills and Life.
    Necromancer Summoning Grandcharms with 40+ Life: +1 to Summoning Skills and Life.
    Gheed's Fortune: Magicfind.
    Smallcharms: Life, Resistances or Magicfind.

    5. Mercenary

    Allways use a Might Mercenary to boost your Skeletons damage. This is a Nightmare Offensive act two Mercenary. Since Posion Nova isn't a good skill to kill bosses we need a very strong Mercenary. The Mercenary needs a lot of defence and damage along with Crushing Blow and Lifeleach. I recommend the following gear:


    Breath of the Dying Ethereal Polearm or Spear: Damage and Lifeleach.


    Fortitude Ethereal Elite Armor: Defence and Damage.


    Guillames Face: Crushing Blow.

    6. Credits

    This guide was written by Sebastiaan Maria Laros. Thanks go out to Vahid Serhad Çakir specially for the skilltree, main weapon and Mercenary equipment. Also thanks to Ian Pugsley for the guide to levelling.
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  2. Noodle

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    Any necromancer build that is content with one point in Corpse Explosion is deliberately limiting its effectiveness. It would be far more effective to ignore the poison skills and pump Amplify Damage and Corpse Explosion.
  3. krischan

    krischan Europe Trade Moderator

    Aug 17, 2003
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    It might be a matter of taste how much CE radius you regard as most useful in comparison to other skill point distributions. Also, with the recommended gear, you can have more than +25 to poison/bone spells which would kill whole screens full of monsters with just one skill point in CE.

    Regarding effectiveness, I don't think that skeletons combine nicely with poison spells, but that's not the matter here. If it was about nothing but effectiveness, I would suggest to start a blizzard sorc and do Tunnels plus Pindle all the time :)

    I'm missing Bramble as an option regarding the armor.

    Infinity would be a good merc runeword as well. The conviction aura doesn't reduce poison resist, of course, but it reduces fire res (which half of CE is about) and defense rating which is helpful for the skeletons.
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  4. Namtar

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    May 1, 2012
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    If you have gear that good, I don't find it worthwhile to dump all those points into summoning skills. A fully synergized Poison Nova enhanced by gear like Death's Web and Trang-Oul's stuff doesn't need skeletons for support. It annihilates monsters way faster than skeletons can.
  5. fudoshin

    fudoshin Diabloii.Net Member

    Jan 16, 2010
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    i don't see too much useful to use botd as merc weapon. triggering of poison nova is quite often and it causes lags at first, secondly it will be the same type of attack as char but lower dmg. it means no dmg although pn effect is quite short and merc will not be so close everytime. but still if this should be poisonmancer, golem and some minions together with merc as meat shields and poison dmg in accordance with ce should be main killer. i would prefer prayer merc with insight or defiance pala. but honestly my favourite merc for such necros is rogue, even just harmony+treachery (with dream helm prefered here) or so :) as for as build itself i am quite confused and don't know where to start :) skill points invested are able to realize for 99. lvl char only! :eek: quite unusual. equipment: kind like try to find the most expensive gear. poisonmancer with just 1 point in lower resist but 20 in skele and 18 in mastery?! hmm. necro, especially poisonmancer, without bone armor is no no for me too. especially when it is paired with no fhr (?)! i think i can get more fun, more safity and cheaper build if i go with strong iron golem, skele mages, poisonmancer with higher lvl lr (and definitely with bone armor)which can increase dmg of mages, poison skills, ce or some ele dmg of mercenery (almost any other than might) and revives...
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  6. Namtar

    Namtar Diabloii.Net Member

    May 1, 2012
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    It's one of the fastest and strongest weapons out there.

    I've never experienced lag from BotD Poison Nova procs. Sounds like an issue with your system.

    Yes, the Poison Nova damage from BotD procs is much lower than the Poison Nova damage from a decked out poison necromancer. So what? Even if BotD never released Poison Novas, it would still be the leading contender for best weapon to use on a Might mercenary. That it has a bit of a bonus from the Poison Nova proc isn't a point against the weapon.


    On Lower Resist, the skill gets severe diminishing returns with points invested into it. The +skills from gear get Lower Resist to a level sufficient to break those poison immunities that Lower Resist: this happens when the skill level is at 10 (-55%). Additional points into Lower Resist do so little beyond that point when compared to gear that lowers enemy poison resistance that it could reasonably called a waste of skill points. I've toyed with some usage of higher-level Lower Resist and there may be corner cases in which it is a good idea, but the standard to shoot for should be to get the skill level to 10.

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