PVM LightBow Sorcie


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Fun easy build. I figured I'd show a fun build of the bow sorc well deserving of a tuned eye on her grandness and grace.. She rains bolts of lightning with her crossbow. There are plenty of other ways to go about building bow sorcies whether pvm or pvp slash according to personal play style and preference, but I want to keep her simple and cheap. Her pvp build il post but in a new post. Holler for any solid changes to her!

65Fcr/ 105 Fcr/Build 'lightbow sorc' build. She can also use Buriza at around 1.90 frames compared to 2.5 here, with great exception. She might also use a 5os Great Bow 20/20 light faceted-shaeled or, 10/10 jah'd and shael'd. Or even, she chooses Widowmaker for guided arrow solidity.

*GEAR: I say zero resists for this build but she may have mid high resists or sorb..
Cho Ku No Demon Crossbow jah'd or 5/5
Griffons- 5/5 light faceted
4os 20/20 light faceted 24fhr armor or Ist'd
Trang Gloves
Spiders belt/ razortail or MF belt 65fcr
Aldurs boots/ MF res boots or War Travelers
2x 10fcr rings with res or MF/ 2xwisps or 1xravens 65fcr
20fcr amulet with high res or MF
Anni/torch, high res
1.2k +++++++ light damage total in facets and small charms** . Over 1.6 is overkill

STATS: Dex: aiming for around 87% chance to hit plus. The rest to Vit. Enough strength for gear.

She has a nice pvp play style as well with bow that id like to post. Its pretty darn solid as well

She is pure