PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

I know this is an old thread, but since I re-started playing Diablo LoD recently, my first character was a javazon. I first tried a hybrid, but i aborted it by lvl 43 or so. My current javazon is lvl 86, mostly self found, and is by far the most versatile character I have (even more versatile than the lcl 80 Blizz sorc, and the lvl 80 Zmiter)

I noticed that many of the questions have not been answered, and I will try to answer them, as well as providing some new input.

What is also great about LF is that you can use it with an ugly pile of sticks and you still get allies thinking that that's Titans you are wielding.

I am doing some mfing myself with my hybrid zon. Collect as many flawless topazes as possible, and socket some immediately to your helm and your armor. Yeah yeah, so what if my helm is 40mf instead of optimal 48? I am mfing five-ten hours earlier than I would if I have waited to cube 3 flawless t's.
The important mods on the weapon are: (in order of importance)
- replenish
- amazon only preferable for +1 skills and speed
- Increased stack size
- leech

You did not waste those 3 flawless, later on you can have plenty of perf topaz, and upgrade your Mf helm.

IAS breakpoints would be nice to have.

My biggest problem is drinking so many mana points and taking out individual monsters. I'm thinking of maxing Charged Strike, I've heard it works well with LF maxed.

I also would like to recomend Trang's Belt, it has a lot of life and Cannot be Frozen which would allow you to equip a ring other than Ravenfrost. With Trang's Gloves you'll get some extra mana regeneration.

I had the same problem with mana. Early on I used only poison/plague and jab. Then I was on the look for a 4 os polearm to make an insight for the merc. Once I got the insight, I was able to use LF at my leisure.
+mana items help, as does mana leech.

If u use insight merc you dont need anymore mana regen.

I'm currently in Nightmare (SP, players 8) and the LF is outstanding!! It strikes me, tough, that the more enemies in the screen i can hit, the faster they die! :)
LF is best against larger groups. Try the Secret cow level, at least in NM, with max LF (no real need for +skills) it is godly fast.

When you have few enemies, it is very slow, and you're better of launching a plague javelin and "fight in the shade" :cool:

I've run into difficulty taking down LI's in hell. I keep the plague javelin pumping poison into packs of them but I'm having a very hard time hitting them with melee when I join my Valk and merc on the front line. I tried to follow the guideline but with one point into penetrate and roughly 110 dex +mods my attack rating was coming to about 1200-1400 with chance to hit the guys in Act I hell about 50%. Did any of you find this a problem? Also, my plague javelin is lvl 20 with +skills and poison javelin about 3, and my poison damage seems hardly noticeable. These two problems combined have given me a rough start in Hell. Was there somethin I missed?
I had the exact same problem as you. I started to pump dex even if my CTB was 75% (it would go down later on when I level), and contrary to the guide I maxed penetrate! This really helped. Another thing to notice is the time it takes for the poison to take effect... sometimes i run after a monster that was poisoned and they die before i reach them.
Solution: pump dex and Penetrate for jabbing.

i dont know what imm doing wrong but my damage for LF is only about 1000 at lv 29, what can i do to increase my LF damage so i can actually kill things?

here is my setup at the moment at lv 72

up'ed Titans Revenge 184% 6% LL
+1 amazon skill ammy with resist all, +5 str & dex
Manald ring 7%
atma's wail (i WAS going to wear a up'ed Shaft but i lost it & another Vamp with 13 all res jewel in a muling screwup)
Timates rebuke 33% res all (will be SS when i get to lv 73, so far away)
14/13/5 anni
Nats boots
+2 passive gloves with 12 dex
various gc with + mana

if i could get some insight why my LF is so weak & how i could get more damage out of it i would be grateful.
Your LF is probably weak cause you use it against small packs. Don't be shy to gather an army of monsters to follow you and Strike them with a LF bolt.
If you want to increase the damage listed though, I suggest getting replacing the Vampiregaze with something that gives +2 skills (shako, rare circlet), and the Shield with a Spirit monarch. Also you could load on GC's.

Hehe... welcome to the club :)

Myself has 2 Javazons that I consider failed --- very similar builds, the first one first 20 Jab, 20 Plague, 20 LF; the second one with 20 Fend, 20 Plague, 20 LF. The reason I started the new one was because Jab+Titans = slow killing of nm-diablo and nm-baal, but "forever" or not-at-all killing of LI hell bosses. At the time I thought that Fend would be like zeal, directing all hits to the same target if you're just facing one --- so same effect as Jab, plus the "big" damage boost.

Needless to say, both failed utterly in hell --- neither can kill nm-mephi, and they have major problems killing LIs or single monsters/small groups in hell.

Sooner or later I will make a third attempt with the poison synergy as described in this guide, but most likely not before I get a decent spear to use for melee (I just don't think that titans are good for anything that needs physical damage --- they are great to deliver lightning fury and poison, but that's about it), and maybe other good items. Currently I'm literally fed up with lightning based characters (I was playing a trapsin for a long time before the javazon, and while she performed a lot better than the javazon she still sucked big time in hell). I like my summoner necro much more (granted, he's my only char with really godly equipment... TO :)), and I'm now trying to build a "burizazon" around my you-guess-which-weapon (although I haven't quite figured out how to deal with PIs...). Both specialize in physical damage... I can't see lightning anymore (ok, I accept the lightning bolts from my skeleton magi... but that's about as far as it goes :))

But still... I haven't given up on Javazons entirely. Still like the lightning fury, it's very fancy when dealing with large crowds :) Maybe, one day...

Another option I'm thinking about is charged strike. Not as a synergy, but for single monsters --- provided you can make all/most of the bolts go through that it might help. Problem, obviously, is that it's an "either CS to help vs single monsters, or poison javelin as synergy for plague", so I might actually try to stick to this guide first. since CS won't do anything to help with LIs.

Anyway, YOU are still doing your first attempt? :) I think that Javazons are an extremely difficult build, so one might need to experiment. Maybe having the "right" equipment (I used shaftstop, titans, tal rasha's mask, manald heal, ravenfrost, "The Ward" and various rares for the other slots I didn't have any good uniques for) can suddenly shift things from "Javazons suck in 1 player hell games" to "Javazons rock in 8 player hell games"...

Just another noob's comments,
First, I find that going 20 Jab or 20 Fend for a LF/PJ build is a waste. You need to spend 30-40 skill points in the poison attacks. LF doesn't need to be synergized!

For boss killing, I always used Jab, backed-up by Plague javelins. Maybe not as fast as charge strike, but it worked.

The gear for this build is not that critical. To increase poison effectiveness u need +skills.

But my question is, would 20/10 in the Plague/Poison javs be enough damage to deal with LI's in hell? Also, would having only 10-15 base points in CS be enough to deal with the bosses?
It really comes down to your patience and +skills. If you have a lot of +skills and then it would work, if you prefer to use other gear, then a 20/20 is recommended.
I personally did not use CS, as I made a strong valkyrie, and D/A/E, and I maxed penetrate.
The bosses are still no big deal.

maybe this is a dumb question, but what if u socketed ur jav with a chipped emerald? since that inflicts its damage over 3 seconds, maybe all the poison damage from plague jav would also end up being timed over 3 seconds. then you would start maiming everything, even without all that uber equipment u have.
I don't know if you found your answer, but javs can't be socketed, and even if they were the poison properties from the emerald would not transfer to the PJ skill.

I have a question. I'm making my first javazon. Plague/Poison jav 20 each (or less), LF 20, Valkyria 20. Only thing that bothers me is that you mention jab.
How useful is it actually? How much damage do you expect to deal with it? Do you use it with spear or javelin?
Jab is really really usefull against bosses, as I will explain later on. However jab is a 1-pt wonder, you don't need to put more than 1-pt in it. I'd rather put in penetrate since it increases overall AR, and it synergises the Valkyrie. Jab damage is not important as I'll describe later on.

i was thinking about puting on titans valk wing venom grip tgods cats eye ammy 2x raven frost lidless sheild sandstormtrek and GBANE i figure i get +skills from lidless titans and valk wing so i can go all for deff with my armor is this good? or should i change my idea

also my skill idea is to max out lightfury and all its prequils to bost it up and use that skill mainly that and poison jav are these good ? i appreceate the help

(ignore all spelling screw ups lol )
You still don't have a decent LI solution, so you should max the poison skills as well. Defense is the last thing to worry about, I run Hell without problems with under 1000 defense.

I have play like 4 amazon and I tought the poison would be cool but reality hit me hard, first it too slow and a lot of monster are immune poison or have a hight resist. And I dont think that spending point in a valkyrie is good, try maxim a synergies. Poison skill is good in PvP that all :drink:
Not that many monsters are poison Immune, it's actually about 30% of them. Then you also have LF for those pesky poison immune monsters!:wink3:
The only real problem for this build is the Burning souls or whatever they are cold that are both poison and light immune. This problem is usually solved in 3 ways:
- party with Fire/Cold build
- use a wand of lower resist to break the light immunity (if there's lots od monsters) and LF them
- Jab them (if there's few)

Now I have something to say about the boots and the Boss killing problem:
Goblin Toe or Gore Riders, and maybe even Crafted Blood Gloves!

These give Crushing blow which does the real damage on a boss. Using jab (which is much faster than Charged Strike) you can deliver plenty of Crushing blows to the boss. Of course you poison the boss in the first place and in between, and there is no issue of getting the boss down to a silver and then being unable to kill him, cause poison will do the job.

On an armor side note, how about Treachery (45 IAS, lvl 15 fade), Spirit shield (55 FHR, +2 skills), Kyra (59 res all, CBF), Shako (2 skills, life, mana).

GTG, ttyl,




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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Don't know if people still look at this thread, so if I don't get any answers I'll just post again elsewhere.

I'm building a javazon and following this guide. I recently came across a runeword that gives 25% chanse of casting lvl 15 venom on striking:

Treachery (Assassin) 3 Socket Body Armor Shael + Thul + Lem

5% Chance To Cast Level 15 Fade When Struck
25% Chance To Cast level 15 Venom On Striking
+2 To Assassin Skills
+45% Increased Attack Speed
+20% Faster Hit Recovery
Cold Resist +30%
50% Extra Gold From Monsters

add poison damage to your weapons
Current Skill Level: 15
14: Poison Damage: 305-325
over 0.4 seconds
12: Duration: 176 seconds
1: Mana Cost: 12

I know it's really an assassin armour, but still. I saw someone else with this on a zon and the poison dmg was really good.
If I use this on my zon, will I be able to ditch the poison skills on this build, or will be poison skills be way more effective at taking out LIs? I guess it would be a pain to go around having to jab every LI to poison them, you wouldn't have to do that with the skills since they can poison a group in one go.. The dmg is low.. but it's over 0.4 sec, still, might not be enough to deal with LIs on hell? Note that this is affordable and I just started playing so I do not have any godly items (I am hoping to trade me a titans though) If it's not good enough on the ama I might just use it on the pala (he could use some more dmg :p)



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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

I found treachery very useful for the IAS it provides. It is true it also gives Venom and Fade which are nice, although fade rarely triggers.

In hell keep in mind that many lightning enhanced monsters are also lightning immune.
Now, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be jabbing LE monsters in Hell!

Given this, I usually throw a PJ on them, then hide behind something and let the Valkyrie do the job.
Also, as you correctly pointed out, the PJ would poison all the monsters in the area, which jab can't do.

Still Treachery is worth using if you don't have something better. I think Venom can still trigger with LF, and PJ (but only with the initial javelin impact; doesn't spread).
Fade mostly triggers on elemental attacks (where block and defense don't help).
IAS is very useful for bosses if you have some CB (goblin toes, for example)
Also 20 FHR is a nice bonus!

The paladin can also make good use of this armor. I even did uber trist with this armor on. The IAS is awsome with zeal/smite, and the Fade triggers often enough. (palas have no D/A/E). Venom is nice again for poison damage applied quickly!

Hope this help, and I'm afraid this thread has been forgotten by many.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

yeah, I'm just noticing that my javazon isn't the tank I hoped she would be.. (only lvl 54 yet, though) she dies fast and I wanted to put some extra skills into the passive magic tree. Though I guess with pack of LIs I'll really need those poison skills.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

I had an Untwinked javazon, that was tanking Diablo in Nm with no Problems. At lvl 54 you should be in NM, and not hell.

Make sure you get some "critical tank mods":
- Max resists (esp Light, and Fire, u can use pots for psn and cold)
- decent life
- Max Block

I had my D/A/E around 45-50%. Also, note that D/A/E work with Magic attacks (Lightning bolts, Nova, etc.)

I'm not sure why you have problems with yours, because mine was tanking NM quite easily.

Back to the poison skills, they are of the "fire and forget" type.
Once, in hell, I entered a catacomb (mausoleum, or Tower cellar, I don't remember), and there was a terrible pack of archers with some mods that killed merc instantly. I managed to throw a PJ and get out. Went back to town, resurrected merc and when I returned all monsters were dead and the Guardian Angel Armor dropped. :smug:

LF is very useful un-synergized. The D/A/E skills can be boosted by +Skills, but the poison skills need to be synergized.

For a Javazon, +skills are very important, as they are the ones that increase the damage further. Your best tank is the Valkyrie, put some points there. If you max it, it's not a waste in PvM!

I used a Prayer merc with Insight, so I got healed (helps when poisoned), and I had "unlimited mana" for LF.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

yeah I'm in NM, doing some baal runs now. I won't go to hell until I'm at least 75. I think the reason I'm bad is because I have lousy equip. It will change though as I've got some decent stuff elsewhere and I can make runewords once I get some more runes.

Another quick question. It says to use a good target for your leech when you throw.. I'm not quite sure how leeching works. if I have 10 life leech, do I leech 10% of the monster I hit's life? thus the higher HP monster the better my leech? or..?


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Lvl 75 is good for starting Hell. Note though, that Baal-runs will not get you runes or items, there are way too many ppl there.

For Runes -> countess runs
For Items -> level alone, or Meph Runs

Now for your question about leech.

If you have 10% life leech you will leech back 10% of how much physical damage you did to the monster.
So if you do 100 Damage, you leech 10 pts of life or mana.

However, in NM and Hell there are penalties. 1/2 and 1/4 IIRC. Additionally, some monsters have reduced leech effectiveness. (Hell Meph for example, and Skeletons in all difficulties are non-leech-able; zombies are still leech-able).

To find the leech effectiveness of the particular monsters you can check Arreat Summit.

To use a good target for leech when you throw, generally means to shoot a leech-able monster. So if you fight a bunch of Undead where you have both skeletons and zombies, target the zombies, not the skeletons.

The main problem is that you need to do a decent amount of PHYSICAL damage, to leech. Elemental or Poison does not leech. The initial bolt from LF does leech!

If you are going to use a Prayer merc with insight, you don't really have to worry about leech, except life leech when jabbing bosses.

Titan's is the best overall, but many rares can be potential titans.
Mods to look for:
1 - Replenish!!!
2 - +skills
3 - Increase Stack Size
4 - Leech, Damage, etc.

The first 2 mods can spawn on Magical Javelins, and the first 3 can spawn on magical amazon only javelins. They are all good replacement until you get Titans. I got a nice Imbue, and found a few rares.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Thanks for the help!

I'm definitly going for insight on the merc. Haven't decided on the aura yet though. Either holy freeze for crown control or might. I'm leaning towards might since LF isn't very good against few monsters and then I'll need the extra jab dmg.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

about imbuing.. is there anything like char level, item level, what difficulity, etc that plays a role in what pre and suffixes the item can get?

EDIT: whoops, sorry about double post. I could just have edited the last one.. Can't find a way to delete this one though..


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

The insight merc is one of the best choices for casters and javazons. About the aura, I suggest experimenting. I tried, defiance, might, prayer, Holy freeze.

Might is better for the merc if he has leech, rathern and the zon, because even jab will not have much damage, most of the damage will come from Crushing Blow!

Prayer helps alot against poison, and you generally use less pots, Holy freeze, i found it a bit to slow, but maybe at higher levels is more useful.

About the imbue... here is a guide I found on the forum:

Essentially, only you char's level determines the level of the affixes. I think it's your level +4 or something like that, read the guide for more details.


P.S.: you can't delete posts, only edit them within 30 min or so.

Edit: The guide is for D2 Classic, but most of it applies to expansion too. Also you can check the affix levels on Arreat summit, and remember it's your char's level +4.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

I made javazon by following this guide, and I have to say, that this is best build/char that I have ever made. She is currently at level ** and I am collecting keys with her.

My equipment is:
Titans (dont remember ed, but who cares...)
Perfect Spirit Monarch (sold my Stormshield, because I want higher damaga)
Lionheart-runeword in Great Hauberk (awesome and cheap armor)
Shako with ptopaz
Razortail or upped Goldwrap (Goldwrap for mf)
Trang-oul gloves (for poison damage)
Crescent Moon-amulet (mana leach)
Raven Frost (Cannot Be Frozen, very useful)
Natures Peace ("Kiss my *** Nithalak!")

And in inventory:
Annihilus 14/10/8
Ama Torch 14/12
+Life and dex charms

And stats (with items):
Str 200
Dex 290
Vita 270
Ener 55

Light. Fury damage: 1-1264
Poison Javelin: 42k-44k
Plague Javelin: 34k-34k (why in hell this skill has horrible casting delay...)

Thanks for this guide Nidlav!


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Waaaaay too many points spent in passives. I would spend a maximum of 15 points there. Plague jav is one of your main attacks, so why not max it and synergies as soon as possible. And you didn't even mention griffons?


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

I put only one point in every passive (except valkyrie and piercing, i put few points at them), and its enough. Now I have fury, poison javelin and plague javelin maxed.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

old thread, but some useful information, nice guide!


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Thanks for the guide.

I have this build at clvl 73 at the moment. I'm hardcore and poor gear. The first thing i focused on was to get Insight for the merc. I only have Partizan. But i's quite fine in hell act 1 so far.

Only trouble so far are bosses. They take log to take down, as I don't have Titan's and my jabbing is like toothpicking.

Also I have some stat points saved. I'd like to go block route but I don't own any reasonable shield. I might as well go max vita.


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Just to revive this old thread and add something of note to it. This is a Great build even untweaked. If you are going to have a lot of + skills you do NOT have to max LF. The skills will really boost the poison skills. The damage increase per skill point increases the higher you get. At levels 9,17,23, and 28 the amount of damage per second and per bit get a bigger bump. For LF level 9,17, and 23 there is a shift in damage increase after 23 it gets the same bump per levels. Factoring this in there is a point where boosting LF adds to the mana cost more then the added damage increases the kill rate due to possible monsters on the screen. This is especially of note to those wanting to save skill points for a higher level of jab, penetrate or Critical strike.

One other thing not touched on regarding pierce is that the higher the % of pierce can dramatically in piercing multiple times. Considering that there can be 4 pierces per shot this can actually do more for your kill speed then points in LF. Not to mention the increase of time you can stay in action due to your javelins running low. The closer you can get to 100% pierce the much more powerful your build will be overall. It was mentioned that Titans are the best for this build and I concur, due to the fact that they replenish much faster then other javelins with the replenish mod, on top of all the other good things they bring. These are just a few points that will help folks with their javazons.

Another thing that will help javazons deal with PI/LI critters is open wounds. The physical javelin always hits with LF. If you damage the monster at all your chance to trigger OW will try. For this reason it is a good idea to have some form of fire and cold damage in addition to your elemental javelins. This can make sure critters do not regen and make taking down immunes a little quicker.

First round is on me! :guiness: