PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Kex Doomlich

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I have a question. I'm making my first javazon. Plague/Poison jav 20 each (or less), LF 20, Valkyria 20. Only thing that bothers me is that you mention jab.
How useful is it actually? How much damage do you expect to deal with it? Do you use it with spear or javelin?

i was thinking about puting on titans valk wing venom grip tgods cats eye ammy 2x raven frost lidless sheild sandstormtrek and GBANE i figure i get +skills from lidless titans and valk wing so i can go all for deff with my armor is this good? or should i change my idea

also my skill idea is to max out lightfury and all its prequils to bost it up and use that skill mainly that and poison jav are these good ? i appreceate the help

(ignore all spelling screw ups lol )


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Ive read this great guide about three weeks ago and now i got an ownage cowkiller... i mean shes doing incridebel dmg and dosent mind if i got sorround or anything shes just blocking almost all attacks... this is truly a great guide


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I have play like 4 amazon and I tought the poison would be cool but reality hit me hard, first it too slow and a lot of monster are immune poison or have a hight resist. And I dont think that spending point in a valkyrie is good, try maxim a synergies. Poison skill is good in PvP that all :drink:


Mmm, I'd like to suggest the very cheap, but o so good Rune-Word armor:

3 Socket Body Armor
Hel + Lum + Fal

+20% Enhanced Damage
Requirements -15%
+25 To Strength
+10 To Energy
+20 To Vitality
+15 To Dexterity
+50 To Life
All Resistances +30

it has everything an Amazon needs and wants. You'll be dishing out more physical dmg vs. LI's, you can save up on STR points, it adds mana and a lot of life (110), and +30 res all? very good armor, IMO.



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I have DII since 8 days, and i started an amazon and trained it, and yesterday i discovered my amazon tottally sucked :(
So i deleted the character and asked around what the best build for an amazon was, everyone said JAVAZON, so i started looking for some faqs, and this is the first actually good javazon faq i've found yet..


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did you just kinda forget about chains of honor? i mean you mentioned bramble but chains of honor almost seems ideal for this build. if you wear it along with ss and a harlequin's crest you reach the 50% dr, and it gives a whopping 65% resist to all. i wonder why it slipped your mind... oh well just another option for everyone out there


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felixdamajiccat said:
did you just kinda forget about chains of honor? i mean you mentioned bramble but chains of honor almost seems ideal for this build. if you wear it along with ss and a harlequin's crest you reach the 50% dr, and it gives a whopping 65% resist to all. i wonder why it slipped your mind... oh well just another option for everyone out there
chain of honor is obviously a godly runeword for javazon.. but its expensive to make. i think lionheart should be fair enough for it.. my javazon lvl89 is only using duriel and she strike easily on 8ppl cow game.

i would probably make lionheart soon, never thought of that word for my zon. hrmm hrmmm..


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A slightly different approach to the LF 'zon

VinKelRix said:
I have started a zon using this guide, palying SP, SC, P1, muled but untwinked. My Merc, A2 combat, does most of my kills. He has had a series of gemmed septems, dual Eld (A2), Ruby/Topaz, and Malice. I have just finished A3 and on to A4 next. She got to CL27 more rapidly than with my other builds. I plan some leveling up before I take on Diablo.

May I suggest that the Merc can be a BIG help until CL30 and perhaps much later. Because a Merc's death only costs money, I treat it as a petty annoyance. I am hoping to give my Merc better armor/helm in the future.

Since I am playing untwinked, my equipment is more catch as catch can and constantly being changed or upgraded. This all comes under the heading of playing style.
I just wanted to update the gang on my Javazon. She is in AIIIH, Players 4, CL 82, almost 83. My current equipment is largly purchased. I use a +2 Amazon skills throwing spear and + 3 javalin & spear skill gauntlets. I prebuff my Valk with +3 passive & magic gauntlets, and recasting the valk if I find a skill shrine. I am now using crafted mirrored boots, also purchased. My main shild was a purchased pirizmatic that I had sockets added. My main use for the sheild is resists, not direct protection so blocking is a lower priority. My helm, armor, amulet and rings are drops which all have skill pluses. My zon is heavily item dependant but I have a different emphasis than the origional guide because I am playing untwinked. I shop a lot and for that and other reasons, slow machine, my game play is rather slow and patient. I also only get in one session a week at most.

I beat the NM Ancients at players 4 with surprising ease. My Merc occupied the sword and throwing dudes while my valk and I finished the leaper. It took a lot of tosses and I had to go to my backup. I had a third set of javilins ready but I did not need them. I was actually scouting the ancients and crunched them, much to my surprise. I keep my alternate weapon/shield as weaker versions of my main set in order to be able to prolong difficult (ancients especially) fights.

My 'zon is almost exclusivly a distance fighter and I use my valk and merc as meat sheilds and to deal physical damage. It is my thought that it takes three different types of damage to run hell, I am using lighting, poison and physical with this 'zon. So far the build is a success but the real tests, diablo, the ancients, and baal are before me.


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have you considered guardian angel as a possible armor because the good resists and the added blocking stuff.


I'd just like to say that this build is the first i ever beat the game with and ran it for almost two years with great success. I took it all the way through with mediocre gear and continued to enjoy it long after i had attained all the best gear possible. Much more versatile than the pure lightning build i'm playing now. :eek: Good guide and glad it's finally going to the SC. :thumbsup:


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best merc combo is act 2 def merc (holy freeze) with kelpie snare - not bad damge, 50 fire resist and slows enemies 75%. I have one patched with "Eth" rune -25% target defence so after trying diff options of merc use i found this as most effective and HF + K.Snare helping to keep ur merc alive (it wear goldskin, kelpie and some hi def + res except helm


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nice guide thanks for the help, now if you excuse me im going to create a javazon.


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There is no "E" in "lightning".

"Lightening" would be defined as "the act of making something less heavy".


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There is no "E" in "lightning".

"Lightening" would be defined as "the act of making something less heavy".
wow, so you're now correcting posts from over 3 years ago? made by people that made 40 posts. did you check the other 39 for mistakes? oh you forgot a couple definitions.

light·en·ing /?la?tn??/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[lahyt-n-ing] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun Medicine/Medical.
the descent of the uterus into the pelvic cavity, occurring toward the end of pregnancy, changing the contour of the abdomen and facilitating breathing by lessening pressure under the diaphragm.
light·en 1 (l?t'n) Pronunciation Key
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2. To make (a color) lighter.
2. Archaic To enlighten.

v. intr.

1. To become lighter; brighten.
2. To be luminous; shine.
3. To give off flashes of lightning.



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I tried my own kinda adaption for act 1-5. Poison/Plag jav is basically all I used. And, with a merc and a valk, I'm pretty much taking it slower than I could. But actually having fun with it.

Like the guide kinda says, 20/20 psn/plague may not be for everyone, but I found it quite fun rounding them all up and shooting a plague jav into the mess of them. I also, had quite an easy time with players 6 normal on killing Diablo. I just run around a lot with plague jav constantly on him. Mind, you will probably need a few stam pots. But I still killed him, eh?


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Re: PvM LF/PJ Javazon Guide for v1.10 (revised)

Well, I finally decided to make Bramble instead of CoH for my 'zon. Alas, only 34% extra poison dmg, but at least lvl 20 thorns.

I made it in a superior wyrmhide which started with 513 def, so now the armor is 813 def.

To complete my outfit, I need some javakills/manaleech gloves so I can ditch Manald en um my Stormshield.