PvM LF/FA Hybrid Amazon Guide

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PvM LF/FA Hybrid Amazon Guide

This is the first draught, so plz let me know what you think i need to add, Take out or change. Also let me know if any information is wrong. Oh, and also let me know what you think of it so far.:thumbsup:

PvM LF/FA Hybrid Amazon


This Amazon is hybrid who uses chiefly the javelin skill Lightning Fury (LF) and the bow skill Freezing Arrow (FA). This build is very versatile, and can handle pretty much any part of the game. She can also make a pretty decent magic finder.

The build can work well with some really rather budget equipment and with more expensive equipment becomes a real killing machine to rival any other PvM build out there. You can bias the build how you like depending on your own playing style, or equipment you have available. If you wanted you could incorporate a physical dmg bow skill into the build to make a 3-way hybrid.

Skill and Stat point distribution

Stats. The usual. Enough str for equipment, enough dex for max block, nothing in energy and the rest into Vita.


From the bow tree

20 points in FA (if you don’t, your making a different build)
20 points in Cold Arrow (dmg synergy for FA)
1 point in Ice Arrow (prerequisites for FA. Don’t invest in this as a synergy. It only increase cold duration, which really doesn’t warrant the use of skills)

0-20 points in one of the physical dmg skills (Multiple Shot, Guided Arrow or Strafe)
If you chose to go the 3-way hybrid route, then I’d recommend either multi or strafe. Sure GA is maybe more appropriate for the odd light/cold immune monster, but the real reason for this would be to leech. Also it may not be necessary to max these skills for them to be effective, especially for Multiple Shot.

From the javelin tree

20 points in LF (same reason as FA)
0-20 points in Charged Strike (synergy for LF, and useful skill in its own right. I’d recommend you max this unless your going the 3-way hybrid route)
3-5 points in prerequisites

From the passive and magic tree

1-20 points in Pierce. If you plan to use Razortail belt then enough points to reach lvl 9 or 10 with plus skill will give you 99 or 101% chance to pierce (Razortail provides 30%). If you don’t plan to use Razortail then I’ll just quote from the arreat summit:

“Some recommend maximizing this skill at 20, however the benefit of additional points drops off significantly. You can decide how many points are enough for you. If you cannot think of a better skill or spell to spend a point into, spend it on Pierce.â€

As a side note on pierce, more pierce will improve your LF killing speed dramatically when up against big mobs of enemies. It also very nice on FA, but is particularly important for LF.

For the other skills in the passive and magic tree I find 1point in each is enough with plus skills from items. If you have points spare you may want to beef up your valk. Its not strictly necessary to put points in left hand column of the skill tree, but I find a valk can be useful, and some people swear by the slow missiles skill (I’ve never found it much use myself though). I wouldn’t however recommend skimping on the dodge skills.

When it comes to skilling you Amazon, I’d focus on either LF or FA first and then the other. If you go with a 3-way hybrid you can invest in your physical dmg skill either between LF and FA or after both. It’s up to you. When you enter hell though you need to make sure you can deal with immunes.


There are many options here, and no doubt I won’t mention them all. Here are some properties you want to be looking out for though.

+skills. Both LF and FA as well as passives will benefit greatly from these.

Increased Attack Speed (ias). Use the weapon speed calculator to find out how much you want: http://diablo2.ingame.de/tips/calcs/weaponspeed.php?lang=english

Faster Run Walk (frw). If your as impatient as me then this’ll really help out.

Pierce. I’ve already explained this in the passive and magic skill section (just remember pierce on you bow wont help your javelins)

Cold dmg. all sources of cold dmg will increase the “blast dmg†from FA, and also increase freeze length duration

Stats/Life etc. mana may be useful if your not using an insight merc, but pots are there for a reason.

Resists/Dmg reduction. Always helpful, but with careful play you get by with out to much.

Faster Hit Recovery (fhr). Just 20 fhr will get you from 11 frames to 8 frames. Further break points are at 32, 52, 86, 174 and 600. I wouldn’t try and reach the 174 or 600 break points though. That’s just silly.

Leech. Not terrible effective with this build, unless your going the 3-way hybrid route. May still help out a bit though.

Cannot be Frozen (cbf). A source of cbf is ESSENTIAL.

Some items to consider.

Mavina’s set items will work quite well for this build (in whole or in part), though it will bias your amazon towards FA somewhat. Its worth having a look at: http://www.battle.net/diablo2exp/items/sets/sets6.shtml#mavinasbattlehymn


Andarial’s Visage. +2 skills, 20ias, UGLYYYYY, and you cant use it ‘til lvl 83.
Valkyrie Wing. Upto +2skills, fhr, frw, and mana after kill are all helpful.
Shako. +2skills, loads of life and mana, damage reduction, magic find.
Nightwings. +2skills, +cold skill dmg, dex. This will bias your amazon towards FA.
Griffons. +1skills, +light skill dmg, -enemy light res. This will bias your amazon towards LF.
A good rare. A decent circlet/tiara etc can be as good as anything else (or better and more expensive).
Peasant crown. +1 skills, vitality, energy, frw. Good budget/leveling option.
Vampire Gaze. Cold dmg damage reduction, duel leach.
Stealskull. Ias, dual leech, magic find.

Body Armour.

Chains of Honour RW. +2 skills, resists, str. Undoubtedly a good armour.
Ormus Robe. +both cold and light skill dmg. A favourite of mine. Get one with a crap skill and high cold/light dmg, and it won’t break the bank.
Skulders Ire. +1skill and mf. If you want to mf, use this armour.
Lionheart RW. A total of 70stat points, 50 life, and 30 resists. A great budget option.
Durial’s shell. Good if you cant get hold of a Ravenfrost. Also offers str and resists.
Spirit Shroud and Vipermagi. Both offer +1skill and MDR. Spirit offers CBF. Viper offers resists.
Twitchthroe (ias,fhr,dex,str) and Stealth RW (fhr,frw,dex). Both great for the low levels.


Rares and Crafts. With +skills to whichever tree you like, str, dex, resists, ias. Potentially the best and most expensive options here.
Bloodfist. Life, fhr, ias. Brilliant and cheap gloves.
Frostburn. Cold dmg and mana. Really helpful early on for the mana.
Chanceguards. For mf’ing only.


Good Rares. With resists, fhr, frw, and dex.
Waterwalks. Life and dex. These boots go well on any character.
Aldur’s Advance. 40frw, life and fire res. Nice boots (shame about the rest of the set).
War Travellers. Str and mf are what these offer really.
Cow King’s. Dex and mf. Great early on.
Silkweaves. Nice boost to mana, but there’s better options.


Razortail. The 30% pierce on this will save you a lot of skill points. Dex doesn’t hurt either.
Thundergods. +3 to LF, +20 to str and vitality rocks, if you don’t need pierce from Razortail, then this is the best option.
Goldwrap. For mf, and ias doesn’t hurt.


If you need ias then Cat’s eye and Highlords are good sources. Cats offers frw and dex, Highlords of +1skill and light res. If you don’t need ias, then Mara’s or a crafted or rare can give +skills, stats and resists. Another good option is Eye of Etlich with its +1skills and cold dmg it can make a final piece of equipment as well as a great levelling amulet.

Ravenfrost ring is probably the best place to get your cbf from. Also comes with dex and cold dmg. For your second slot, I’d recommend either a SOJ for mana and +1skills or a Manald Heal for life and mana regen, mana leech and life.

Bow Switch

Ice RW. This bow is awesome. Make it in a matriarchal bow for speed. Comes with Holy Freeze aura, +cold skill dmg, -enemy resists. If you can afford this bow then use it.
Faith RW. Good option if you go the 3-way hybrid route, but if not, then Ice is definitely better.
Wizendraw. This bow has -enemy cold resists. Great levelling and budget option.
Lycander’s Aim. +2ama and +2bow skills, dex, energy, ias. Good bow and not expensive.
Custom Job. Get a 5 soc amazon bow with +3 bow skills and socket it with sapphires, thuls and crap facets. You could even throw in a shael or two if you need the ias. Best made in a matriarchal type (matri, stag or ashwood) of bow for speed. Could be a good low lvl options.

Javelin Switch

Titan’s Revenge. If you can’t get these, just use the best javelins you can get.

For the shield, if your going for max block, which you should, you want something with a blocking mod. Here are some options.
Stormshield. Offers damage reduction, and some resists. The str shouldn’t help much.
Moser’s Blessed Circle. Resists and 2sockets. Cheap and cheerful.
Sigon’s shield. +1skills. Great for levelling
Whitstan’s Guard. Best blocking of any shield in the game.
Rare Shield. Look for 20/30 blocking mod, sockets, fhr, life, resists etc. These things can be quite pricey.
Jeweller’s Monarch of Deflecting socketed with Light Facets. Kinda on the expensive side, but quite Godly.


Torch and anni are obviously good options. Other mods you want to be looking for are skillers depending on how you want your Amazon biased, Fhr to hit a suitable breakpoint, frw, life, resists, cold dmg.

Your Mercenary.

I’d recommend an act 2 merc. Might, Holy freeze, Prayer, Defiance. You know what kind of merc you like to tag along better than me.

As for equipment, infinty RW if you can afford it is amazing. Insight RW will prove very useful (goes well with a prayer merc). Other than that the same sort of merc stuff mentioned in most other PvM guides. Bonehew, Ariochs etc if you cant get either of the runewords. For helm Andarials, Crown of Thieves, Tal’s Mask, Vampire Gaze…. For armour Fortitude RW, Stone RW, Durial’s, Shaftstop, Gladiator’s Bane…. It’s better if you can get etherial equipment, and I like to make sure my merc has decent life leech and cbf. That helps them stay alive.

That's The end of the guide. Thanks for reading. Please keep all comments helpful, constructive and honest.:wave:


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Gooe work. A small correction for you: the razortail gives 33 to peirce. There is a similar guide in single player forum,too. Of course, the gear choice is more open in ladder. I have one in Hell mode now and doing well. I've maxed LF/FA/CA and 1pt each in passive tree and bow skill for strafe. I am pumping CS now. Basically, I am LF/FA/Strafe hybrid. I am using Titan and ICE bow. You might add nigma in your armor option. It is great to "call back" your merc (for insight or infinity) in case they are wandering around (actually, very often :D ).



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In the weapons section you can list a matriarchal Melody, i used to lvl my zon before i get a ice but was a good weapon, mine was only a +2bow skill base bow, if used a better bow you can have +6skills to FA, decent if you dont have a better and for shields can list Spirit runeword, only hard to get max block with it but +2skill, fhr, +mana, +vita and some resists is good option.

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Thanks guys. I suppose eni should be in there. it offers frw, life, dr, mf aswell as skills and tele. I forget melody even existed, and i suppose harmony isn't too bad either. i could also add a few to gloves (LoH, lavagout, magneus for the 20 ias). Spirit is pretty good i suppose despite the lack of blocking. I guess with dodge skills max block isn't really essential so i could add a bit about shield options if you decide not to go with it. Info on pierce from razortail is much appreciated too.

I'm sure there's more i've missed out, so keep suggestions coming.


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I just Guardian'ed a gal like this, and I have to second Hellplayer's (and Nightfish's guide...) suggestion of Melody, especially for the moderately twinked. +3 low req Ama bow saved a bunch on stat points. As I was HC, most of my stats went into Vit, so my CtH was pathetic, and with little dex the damage was also appaling. So leech was out, so an Insight Merc was a must. But, LF is autohit and so is FA's splash.

She was SP, so no anni/torch, and most of the slots were taken up with Res/Life items. Still, she was pretty effective at p/3 in WSK. I went with a might merc to boost his damage/leech and the damage of the Valk. Cast at slvl 17 she actually did kill things.

As for shield, I must recommend Wistan's, one of your suggestions. Max block with pitifully low dex, and pD for res.

One other suggestion - get FA to slvl 15 with +skills, then take CA to 20 before finishing FA - this gives about the same damage bonus and saves mana.

Nice guide.



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I'd also recommend the peace runeword (especially for leveling). Good for the +2skills and the ctc lvl15 valk and equipable at level 29! Bad for defence and resists though.


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Would you give some example gear setup for the rich/poor?

Also how about including Arachnid Mesh into gear selection since it benefit both trees and the slow target couples with cold effect well.


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windwingwind said:
Would you give some example gear setup for the rich/poor?
You mention Arachnid's, so I don't think you want the poor version. It's not my guide, but I have experience with a poor version...

Lionheart Dusk
Titan's / pD - Whistan's (but a +3 replenish jav and Rhyme are nice)
+3 Stag Melody
Nat's boots
String of Ears
+3 Passive/20 IAS gloves (many options here, and LoH, which never drop for me, would be nice. Skills boost is great, though - D/A/E, pierce, Decoy)
Ravenfrost/Any rare with resists
Saracen's (or Mahim)
Cube, charms for life, res (esp Lightning and fire) in Backpack
+3 passives ammy, circlet in stash to cast valk at slvl 17

Note I have no leech (except Titan's) - the CtH made it unreliable, and I found I did just as well with mana with this set up as I did with using 7% Manald.

Might merc
Insight (mine was in an eth Partizan unitl I found eth Colossus)
Eth Spirit Forge 2xpRuby
once-Upped Wormskull (only 5% leech, so that;s why I went Might)

How's that for poor? I Guardian'ed with this gear, lvl 85, p/3 through Hell.

Good luck,

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thx for input all. i'll try and have a 2nd draught done over the weekend. i'll get in a few more gear suggestions, but i don't want to get carried away with this, because there are almost endless possibilities. i'll add a couple of example gear setups (rich/poor), and look into the tip about getting FA to lvl 15, then maxing synegy before finishing FA.