PvM Jabberzon Ideas??


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PvM Jabberzon Ideas??

I am looking to start up a new character.
Jabberzon is what i have currently in mind and i came across some build/item questions. hope some pros out there could help. =P

Stats: per usual
Str/Dex - minimum
Vit - rest
Nrg - none

20 jab
20 decoy
20 valk
x/x/x in D/C/E
x in crit
x in penetrate


Helm: Guillaium
Ammy: Highlords
Ring1: Raven
Ring2: ??
Armor: ??
Shield: Stormshield (Pheonix seems too far out of reach for me)
Weap: eth upp'ed titan or thunderstroke
Glvs: something along the line of 2 passive/20ias/stats/resists
Belts: ?
Boots: Gore

At the moment, that's all i've thought of. Now i come across some possible problems...

1. lacking LL and ML.
2. 1v1 sounds okay as per jab, but what of 1v10000000? what would be some viable choice of weapons as to take down many monsters at once? (instead of just poking them one by one)
3. what armor would be nice? i've no idea weather to focus on ed,resists or stats.
4. nice number for D/C/E??
5. other comments/suggestions

Please do note i'm making this for pvm.

If any has tried similar build, please tell me =(

Thanks in advance

-- ToGgi.