PVM Ice Bower?

Trojan Man

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PVM Ice Bower?

Ok I was in a dueling game and I seen a PVP Ice Bower own everyone, Guided Zons everything, He Used the Cold Arrows with his Ice bow, He was wearing some kind of blue armor and such.

I was wondering if anyone had a guide for this because he was sweet and I want to make one.


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Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I'd be very interested in this as well... I've been planning one for when ladder ends... don't htink it could be a very competitive build but it'd fare ok in pubs IMO.

Items would look something like this:

Perfect +3 Ice gmb
Perfect 20/5 nightwings
Perfect 20/5 ormus
ravenfrost and a rare resist ring
rare resist/stat boots
rare +zon resist/stat amulet
magic +3 bow/ias gloves
belt with res/iasss or dungos
10 X +bow skill lifers (or frw)
1x anni
9x life/res scs

With that setup you should have +70% enhanced cold dmg and -30 enemy cold res. Cold skills on a bowazon rely heavily on +skills so I'd assume that you'd have to use the +bow skill gcs.... only problem I'd have to work out still would be ias... but i'm sure there are ways around that.


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use matriarchal bow instead of gmb for startes...also a 20/-20 armor is much better than ormus. you also want to use sojs, since youll need all the mana you can get, and the +1 skill to boost you damage...