Pvm God. What Works Best?


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Pvm God. What Works Best?

Hi guys. I recently had someone on my relam give me his account and he was a rich b*stard. Now, I have always been a sucky noob and never owned any godly gear and now that i have access to some killer items i want to start a PVM chat that can destroy any zone in the game 8 ppl.

What would you build? I'm leaning towards a melee char. Zeal paladin, Frenzy Barb, Shapeshifter Druid. Id like to avoid Hammerdin or Sorc please :)

So.. what kicks the most azz with godly gear? :)

BoTD ethereal Axe
2x Grief Phase Blades
a couple of Call to arms
a couple of Hotos

ummm maybe one more
some Crazy Excile Pally sheild and also HoZ

Crown of Ages, Dracs Gloves, Verdungo ( spelling ) Belt, Torch, Ani small charm..

i pretty much have everything or can trade for it..



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Zeal paladins can be fun and useful. Add a point to Smite and you can do Tristram with him too.


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Most of the stuff you have looks like you could make a pretty strong frenzy barb. trade the stuff you dont need mainly the pally related gear. as for the RW armors ide say go with CoH. but yeah make a frenzy barb do ubers with him make wealth blah blah blah lol....


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I'd say Vanquisher... unfortunately, that's a combo smite/hammer, which you said you wanted to avoid as far as the hammers go. Plus they tend to play like a hammerdin 90% of the time. Very powerful build though, if you're interested, you might want to check out my guide in the Paladin forums. Be warned, it's a long one.


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Zealots still have major issues with physical immunes don't they? It sounds like OP wants to be able to take down any area and any monster.

If you really want to be well rounded at killing anything I'd say an avenger is a pretty good choice.

The easy choice though is a necro. A fishymancer can take on the whole game easily enough. A poison/summoner is supposedly a quicker killer with uber gear. They're pretty fun IMO. So, you could give one of them a shot.