PvM Fury Build Help!


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PvM Fury Build Help!

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to shapeshifters and I've recently built a PvM pure Fury wolf. He's using pretty standard equipment (cerebus, ss, grief, draculs, gores, etc.) and I have maxed Wolf, Lycan, Fury, Oak, and a total of 2pts into pre-reqs. At clvl 86 this leaves me with 15 unspent skills points. I've searched around the forums and so far the suggestions have basically surrounded investing points into summons, cyclone armor, and/or Hunger.

- I currently employ a very capable Act 2 might merc that is only overwhelmed once in a while. So, how much would getting a bear/wolf help? And which summons are more effective?

Cyclone armor:
- My resistance are good and this seems to be for pvp so a big no no.

- From what I have gathered, this is a way to counter IM. It reduces dmg to 25% while offering huge ll and ml. However, the person who mentioned it also suggested to invest all remaining skill points into it. Isn't this more like a 1pt wonder (ex. Feral Rage)? With an anni, torch and highlords I will have a total Hunger slvl 6 with only 1pt investment.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you in advance.

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1 point in all of those skills is honestly not a bad idea, and fun. With Grief, IM isn't a huge problem if you have monsters cursed with Life Tap, but Hunger will keep you safer in that situation, one point is enough. A Grizzly bear is always good too because that is still one more distraction for monsters, making your merc even less overwhelmed. Cyclone Armor is kinda cool if you put some points in it and also work the down the skill tree to Hurricane, which gains longevity from CA, and adds some cold slow down against monsters.