PvM Curse Necromancer? Have I lost my mind?


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PvM Curse Necromancer? Have I lost my mind?

I bet there is no one on earth who would do this other than me.

I think it could be done, it might be fun.
(I really like to toss things up with really messed up builds for characters, if you were in barbarian forums recently you could have seen my whack thrower/melee hybrid.)

Warning though I never actually made this yet it's only theory.

The way I see it is this.

Amplify Damage 10
Dim Vison 10
Confuse 10
Attract 10
Terror 5
Corpse Explosion 20
Bone Armor 1
Bone Wall as much as you see fit

Any other points go to bone wall other curses for party happieness and helpoutness.

I'd say he's a cower at heart.


Attract a monster, watch as the huddle happens, monster dies, amp, corpse boom. Repeat.

Dim Vision, Terror, or Confuse rangers. However you want to deal with them.

I think this guy could be a party favorite, and a new style of play for tired players.


It could be one of the least or most equiptment reliant char for the necro. I don't know just something to discuss. :thumbsup:


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i believe it's called a mojomancer, and it's been tried, but its really just for fun.

i made one once, i was disappointed. terror will be your best friend in cows


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Tried one, but with confuse. Works great on P1: Confuse/CE/CE/CE/CE/CE. Repeat. Got bored wandering the fake tombs trying to get level 30 so I had something to damage Duriel with.

I was aiming to use revives later, but never got there. Died in that HC kind of way. By investing into Skelly mastery, it played like a really weak summoner.

Don't let me discourage you. I'd like to see it done.


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IIRC there was a necro that used only curses (only that tree no other) and some bow. (other items were any).