PvM Bone Spear Summonmancer Guide


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1. Strategy
2. Skills
3. Attributes
4. Gear
5. Mercenary

1. Strategy

As a Summonmancer you first need Skeletons. You can go to Blood Moor or Cold Plains and use your Mercenary, Golem and Bone Spear to create bodies and make Skeletons but there is also a trick to get Skeletons. Go to Act 5 town, Harrogath, and take the portal by Anya. There are some bodies lying there and you can use them to make Skeletons. For this to work you can never take the Halls of Pain waypoint or the portal will dissapear. Allways use Decrepify on monsters and if you dont have it yet use Dim Vision on monsters with ranged attacks and Amplify Damage on other monsters. When you have all your Skeletons, Skeleton Mages and Revives use the rest of the bodies for Corpse Eplosion. Bone Armor is a good skill on low levels. You have a choice which Golem to use. I would go for Fire Golem but you can also use Iron Golem. If you use Iron Golem you can use an item with Crushing Blow to cast it like Immortal King's Stone Crusher. Then your Iron Golem will have Crushing Blow. An other option is to use Insight to make your Iron Golem. Then your Iron Golem will have a Meditation aura. In this build the Mercenary allready has Meditaion Aura so that's not very usefull. The chance to cast Bone Prison on Arm of King Leoric is potentailly annoying because when you get hit by a monster you have a chance to get stuck and will be hit by that monster again. That's why you really need Enigma for Teleport so you can teleport away. Also you can use Teleport to guide your army. If you want your army to attack a certain group of monsters you teleport towards them and walk back a bit.

Function keys:

F1: Decrepify
F2: Teleport
F3: Corpse Explosion
F4: Bone Armor
F5: Raise Skeleton
F6: Skelelon Mage
F7: Revive
F8: Fire Golem

To open a Town Portal press I for inventory and click the book. If you go to Options, Configure Controls you can even assign keys to more Skills.

Low level Advice:

Your most imporant Skill is Raise Skeleton. Put as many points as possible in it but don't forget Amplify Damage, Dim Vision, Bone Armor and Clay Golem. On level 18 you put one point in Bone Spear. When Raise Skeleton is maxed out you start putting points in Skeleton Mastery, Bone Spear and the other Skills mentioned in this guide. The remaining points you put in either Corpse Explosion or a Golem of choise. Put the first attribute points you get in Strenght so you can wear your gear. Then put points in vitality and later you can put the remaining points in Attributes as mentioned in the guide.

On low levels you use a Boneshield socketed with two Perfect Diamonds and Resistance Amulet for Resistances. You can craft the Amulet with six different gems and any amulet, put them in the cube and transmute. This is an expensive way to make such an amulet so its better to just find one. You use plain Faster Castrate rings till you find better. Use Sigon Armor and Belt for Defence and Fire resist. Later you can use Skin on the Vipermagi for +1 Skills, Resistances and Faster Castrate. Use boots with 40% Faster Runwalk like Sander's Riprap. Any wand with +1 or +2 Skills will do on low level. Use charms with Life, Resistances or Magicfind. As hat you can use Cathan's Visage Mask for Mana and Cold Resist or Peasant Crown for +1 Skills, Energy and Vitality. If you have full Sigons you can use it in normal.


You socket the Shako and Homunculus with Um for resistances. Then you have one socket reward left. You can use it either to socket your second Homunculus with Um or to socket your Arm of King Leoric with Ist for Magicfind or a Jewel with Resistances.

2. Skills

Summoning Spells:

20 in Raise Skeleton. This is your main Spell.
20 in Skeleton Mastery.
1 in all other Skills.

Poison and Bone Spells:

1 in Teeth for prerequisite and low level use. Also it's a Synergy with Bone Spear.
1 in Bone Armor for prerequisite and low level use.
1 in Corpse Explosion. Later when you have skillpoints left you put everything you have left in this skill or in a Golem of choise.
1 in Bone Wall. Synergy with Bone Spear.
20 in Bone Spear. This is your main attack. Put it on left mouse button.
1 in Bone Prison. Synergy with Bone Spear.
1 in Bone Spirit. Synergy with Bone Spear.


1 in all skills. The most important skills are Amplify Damage, Dim Vision and Decrepify. If you want to you can skip the rest and maybe put them in Corspe Explosion also or in a Golem of choise.

3. Attributes

Strenght: Depends on gear more specificly on what your socket your Enigma in. For Enigma Archon Plate set Strenght to 103. With the Strenght boost from Enigma you will have engough for Marrowwalk.
Dexterity: None
Vitality: All other points
Energy: None

4. Gear

In your gear you look for +Skills, Faster Castrate, Vitality, Life, +Life after each kill, Energy, Mana, +Mana after each kill, Mana regeneration, Resistances, Damage Reduction, Magicfind and you also need some Defence. Things you don't need include Damage, Lifeleach, Manaleach, Crushing Blow, Open Wounds and such skills because the Summoner is a caster and not a melee character. If there's more than one option given on certain gear the best option is mentioned first.


Enigma Archon Plate: If you find an other elite light armor, like Dusk Shroud or Wyrmhide, with more than 450 defence and three sockets that's allright also. You can also use a Breastplate or Mage Plate but then you will have less defence but also will need less strenght. +2 Skills, Teleport, Life, Damage Reduction, Strenght, Defence and Magicfind.
Trang Oul's Scales: +2 Summoning Skills, Defence, Faster Runwalk and Poison Resist.


Arm of King Leoric: +2 to Poison and Bone Spells, +2 to Summoning Skills and +3 to Skeletons. Thats a total of +5 to Skeletons. You have the option to Socket it with Ist for magicfind or a Jewel of Resistances if you don't socket your second shield.
Heart of the Oak Flail: +3 Skills, Faster Castrate, Resistances.

Weapon Switch:

Call to Arms: +1 Skills, Battle Command and Battle Orders. First cast Battle Command, then switch back to Arm of King Leoric and make your Skeletons, then cast Battle orders and switch back to Arm of King Leoric.
Beast Runeword: Fanaticism and +2 Mana after each kill. First cast your Skeletons with Arm of King Leoric, then switch to Beast to give your Skeletons Fanaticism.


Homunculus: +2 Skills and Resistances. Socket with Um.

Shield Switch:

Homunculus: +2 Skills and Resistances. You have the option to socket it with Um if you have a socket reward left.


Harlequins Crest/Shako: +2 Skills, Life, Mana, Magicfind and Damage Reduction. Socket with Um.


Marrowwalk: Faster Runwalk, +2 to Skeleton Mastery and Mana Regeneration.


Magefist: Faster Castrate and Regenerate Mana.
Trang Oul's Claws: Faster Castrate, Cold Resistance and +2 to Curses.


Arachnid Mesh: +1 Skills, Faster Castrate and Mana.


Mara's Kaleidoscope: +2 Skills, Resistances and Attributes.


Stone of Jordan: +1 Skills and Mana.
Bull-Kathos's Wedding Band: +1 Skills and Life.
Faster Castrate rings: Find one with usefull moderators like Life, Mana or Resistances.


Annihilus: +1 Skills, Resistances, Attributes and extra Experience.
Hellfire Torch: +3 Skills, Resistances and Attributes.
Necromancer Summoning Grandcharms with 40+ Life: +1 to Summoning Skills and Life.
Gheed's Fortune: Magicfind.
Smallcharms: Life, Resistances or Magicfind.

5. Mercenary:

Allways use a Might Mercenary to boost your Skeletons damage. This is a Nightmare Offensive act two Mercenary. Use Insight as weapon. It gives you and your army a Meditation aura that regenerates Mana so you can teleport without having to drink potions all the time. It's a Ladder Only runeword. As armor you can use Fortitute, it increases the damage your Mercenary does, has high defence and other usefull properties like Resistances, Life and Damage Reduction. This is also a Ladder Only Runeword. I would look for a helm with Lifeleach like Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest. The Mercenary doens't need to repair his equipment so you can use ethereal gear for it.
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I don't want to be excessively critical of this, because having played around with different options, it looks, well, adequate. One could beat the game in Hell difficulty with this setup. It would get the job done. And if this sort of build is what you find fun, then good for you. But it does use some very good items in a total package that has unimpressive killing speed, and I'm left a bit baffled as to just what you're going for...

The most obvious point is that an unsynergized Bone Spear is quite weak. On the upside, many areas of the game have no monsters that are immune to it, and it does generally benefit from FCR. On the downside, even a fully synergized Bone Spear does lackluster damage compared to other skills. Your Bone Spear is going to be even weaker. It'll eventually kill things, but this becomes tedious.

You mention the option of putting more points into Corpse Explosion. I think if you're going to use the skill, you might as well max it. With Amplify Damage, the bulk of the damage from Corpse Explosion comes from the physical part of the skill, not the fire part. The physical part of the skill has half the range of the fire part. A maxed Corpse Explosion enables the full force of the spell to cover a wider area, hitting more monsters and providing more corpses faster, which enables Corpse Explosion chains. That's the fastest way for necromancers to kill enemies in most areas.

You advocate a Might merc on the basis that the aura improves skeleton damage. But skeleton damage is actually not all that strong. Yeah, you have Enigma and a Might aura (and if you're wielding Beast, you have a Fanaticism aura too), so you can teleport onto a monster and have all of your skeletons swinging at it. But not only does a merc hit harder and faster than skeletons, with good gear it's possible for a Might merc to be doing far more damage than all of your skeletons combined. The ideal weapon would probably be eBotD, but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of ethereal Obedience (which is dirt cheap compared to some of the gear you're already using). A mercenary outfitted with Obedience, good armor (Fortitude is excellent), and a good helm (Tal Rasha's is fine, but I'm partial to Guillame's Face) is such a killing machine that after a while it just leaves you wondering why you're spending all that time raising skeletons when they're so much weaker. And you could be spamming your Bone Spear at a monster only for your merc to walk up to it and destroy it in one hit (I've even had that happen on my dedicated Bone necro, despite having a much more powerful synergized Bone Spear). I think that having sufficiently powerful equipment ultimately makes skeletons obsolete. And while Bone Spear can be fun (if a bit weak), an unsynergized Bone Spear just doesn't seem worth it.