PvM Barb


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PvM Barb

I'm going to make a pvm classic barb to help my friend's orb sorc in rushes. But I can't find any build for this thing. I've seen mf barb guide ect, but I don't need those FIs goldwraps ect. Could you suggest me a good, solid pvm baba?

ps. if the gear for him would be very expensive, please post 2 versions of it - cheap and "the best possible" ;)

ps2. my first classic char!


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Re: PvM Barb

basic pvm ww barb:


max ww, wm (weapon mast), bo, shout.


enough str/dex for weapon/gear. rest into vit.

weapon (whatever weapon u choose for wm):

highest damage and longest range weapon u can find. (life and mana leech, AR, etc.)


goldskin, berserker armor, hawkmail, boneflesh, rockfleece, rattlecage, silks, rare armor, goblin toe, rare boots (30% walk/run, resists, etc.), gorefoot (whatever its name) unique boots, angelic amulet, angelic rings, rare amulet (+1 or +2 skills, resists, etc.), rare rings (ML=mana leech and LL=life leech, AR, resists, etc.), soj rings, manald rings, man oak curio (whatever its name) unique amulet, rare gloves, frostburn, rare belt (24% FHR, resists, +str, etc.), bladebuckle, etc.


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Re: PvM Barb

For a very cheap, effective PvM classic barbarian, do the following.

170 Strength
Rest Vitality

20 Mace Mastery
20 BO
1 Battle Command
5 Natural Resist (optional)
1 Berserk (optional)
20 Whirlwind
20 Shout

Sigons Boots + Helm (LL + AR)
Deaths Gloves + Belt (LL + Resists)
LL/ML Rings+Amulet with resists
Goldskin or other high resists armor

If you want to eventually use it for MF, skip Shout and get Item Find. You'll have no problems surviving without Shout, anyway. Bonesnap can eventually be replaced by the first 220+ Martel you happen upon.


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Re: PvM Barb

I would go with a normal mf/gf barb taken from the guides. They will do the job. If you wanna be taking on monsters in a2 hell with a stronger char than the mf barb I would go with a hdin > alternative barb.


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Re: PvM Barb

Thanks a lot, I think that's all I need to know about my babby ;)
*wigisu (Eu Ladd Cl)