PVM Barb, help an old guy.


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PVM Barb, help an old guy.

Hi, This might belong in the barb forum, but it is a hardcore character. I recently started playing diablo again after a couple of years of abscence. Started with a HC Frenzy barb because it`s the only char I haven`t made a guardian (Barbarian that is, I haven`t made other barb`s guards either). I have a friend who will provide me with basically every set and unique below level 45 (except crazy stuff like SoJ etc). So far I have Belt and Gloves from Sigon set, Two swords from Isenhart set, boots from Cow king, and rings, amulet and armor from Angelic. Seems to work just fine so far (Clvl 22). I was just wondering what kind of equipment I should use when this becomes obsolete and what I should do when I get past level 45 when I will basically play untwinked. So far I have saved 25 Stat and 8 skill points for weapon switch (mastery, dex requirements). Also is it worth it to put skill points in Increased Stamina and Increased Speed?


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Re: PVM Barb, help an old guy.

Hi, This might belong in the barb forum, but it is a hardcore character.
PSSSH, any and everything is the domain of the Hardcore Forums...

Anyway, If you're on East look up Op XBananaX first of all for safe community gaming. On Europe, ditto for Op Gauss. Beyond that, do you know if you're planning on going Sword? Axe? Mace?

Personally there are a few things I consider important for Frenzy:

Black runewords (flail, scourge are good) give you some IAS and Lots of CB so you can tear through bosses.
Treachery Armor (yea yea its got Assn skills on it) 45 IAS, fade when you get hit and some venom never hurts.
Gimmershreds in stash or perhaps on switch for the elemental damage.

Remember when you frenzy that you're maxing Double swing, thus Iron Maiden is not an issue. Toss on your Gimmers and you can get some solid throw speed going. Activate Frenzy and chuck those axes.

My build from earlier in the season (by no means great, but it got me to guardian) was this:

Max BO
Max Shout
1 in all warcries (matter of preference. I like offing one guy in Chaos, tossing up a grim ward and throwing at their backs just for added safety)
Max Frenzy
Max Double Swing
I left Double Throw at 1 point and just used it as a switch on occassion.
1 pt zerk for, well I'm not quite sure why I did it. I think I used it once when I tossed on a shield out of my stash but it was perhaps a mistake as I wasn't maxing it for synergy.

This leaves you with a lot of points to play with, obviously one in each mastery you're gonna use, I'd toss a point in throw mastery if you're planning on using a switch as you've got the spare to play with. Toss your left over points in Mastery (Res is an issue on occasion) or Taunt for Synergy damage.

Hopefully Sara, Master-Zap will come by and break down her full hybrid build, which I will vouch is just a beast.