PvM "Aurazon" build?


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PvM "Aurazon" build?


I just tought that my zon will turn into a pvm one. I'll try that gear setup for fun..

- Dream Bv
- Cat eye
- Ice GmB
- Dragon Ap
- 20%ias/Kb glove
- Raven
- Nosferatu / razortail
- Dual leech ring
- Treks / Gores / Tri-resist boots
- Massive 100 psn sc's / 20 lifers

Merc :

- Tal mask with 15%ias
- Eth cv infinity
- Griz armor (for +strengh) with strengh/ias jewls

I think that may own in pvm.. a nice and fun one to play :p

Any tips on that build?



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I think you would experience real killing problems.

The reason aura stacking works on pallys, and sorcs is because they can synergize in a sense the auras themselves. This increases the damage enormously. What you have is a mish-mash of a number of auras that will provide a mediocre damage increase at best because you aren't synergizing them.

Additionally, you are going to be attacking very, very slow with that setup (10 FPA).

I think it's admirable that you want to try something new, but this is going to add little for you and subtract a huge buttload.

I'd rework your gear to get a reasonable attack BP, either with more IAS or Fanat, FHR BP and decent damage output.

On a final note, conviction will not lower poison resistances, your charms will not have a huge impact in that regard.


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What emar said iss very true, but you can make this work anyway.

Ditch the Dragon, because it provides the most lame damage increase by far and replace it with a Fort or Duress (For cold dmg).

Have you're merc ditch the Gris arm and replace that with a thorns to add an aura and to make your valk and merc extra deadly.

Switch to an andy's visage to make up for the strength lost when you got rid of the Gris arm.

Stack ele dmg and max dmg charms. Skip the poison. You need to be firing FAST for the build to work since you won't be a damage queen. And if you're firing as fast as you should the poison will never have time to take affect. Carry one poison charm for PMH, but that's it. On that same note I highly recommend you use strafe as a back up with FA as your main skill or vice versa.

(oh, and in the interest of speed I would HIGHLY recommend you make that Ice in a +3 mat bow. The GMB will suck due to slowness.)

Sounds like fun, good luck!