Put into Dex?


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Put into Dex?

I just made a hammerdin with a spirit in a sacred rondache.
With holy shield, my chance to block is 35%
I have put no points into dex but I have alot left.
Should I put points into dex till I get max block? Im lvl 80. My holy shield has one point in it. So should I wait till i get more points into hs or should I just put into dex till I get max block?



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You'll want max block for your hammerdin, but you should also replace the spirit with a HoZ somewhere down the line. I'd suggest puting a few more into holy shield, until the +chance to block drops off (it goes up pretty fast at first), and then pump your dex up to about 90. This probably won't be enough for max block with HoZ forever, but maybe you need some more vit for now.


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i'd go with the spirit. imo it's better to reach a nice bp with fcr instead of the better chance to block and skills...
if you can reach 60-70% block it's enough if you kill fast enough...