PureBlizzard sorc question


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PureBlizzard sorc question

Hi im pretty new to sorcs and i need to know, how to handle CI's when im pure blizzard sorc. Do i just go around them put some godly items to merc and let him handle them or does the blizzard with maxed CM do damage to them? thx in advance..


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Aw come on... plz somebody gotta have an idea.. :xsmile3:

Fft gotta go sleep now.. g'night all


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get a wand of lower resists, hopefully taht will work or, do the static + telekenises lock thing to stun them, at least, thats what i do for the cold immune pindles.


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Get a Might merc, give him nice items and level him. He'll be your guard against CI's

Possible nice Merc gear;

- Bonehew with Amn-Shael: Sheal for IAS, Amn for life leech
- Reapers Toll with Shael: extra IAS, Toll has 33% on Decrep
- Doom runeword on Cryptic Axe: Godly damage, level 12 Holy Freeze

- Duriels Shell; Possibly upgraded, has nice +resist and Cannot be Frozen
- Leviathan; Nice defense and Damage Reduce. Lacks Cannot be Frozen
- Shaftstop; Same as Leviathan only DR is better

- Gaze
- Rockstopper
- SteelSkull

Wanted properties on merc;
- Increased Attack Speed
- Faster hit Recovery
- Cannot be Frozen
- Life Leech
- Nice aura's