Pure PvP Orb Sorc


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Pure PvP Orb Sorc

Hey all, im new to the forums - and im reasonably new to the sorc area of D2, I am thinking of making a pure PvP Orb sorc, but i dont really know where to start, I have some ideas below, but some help on build / skills / stats would be great :) thanks. (I'm not poor, so I can take good item suggestions) These were my thoughts:


Deaths Fathom
Arm. Fletch
Ormus/CoH (not really sure)
2 x SoJ
Soul Spurs
Magefits / dont know.
10 x Cold GC
9 x Small 20 lifers (cant afford 20/5's really)
1 x anni.


Str = items
Dex = items (i dont think im going down the blocking route, mainly casterVcaster)
Vit = everything
Nrg = ?? do i put a small amount in, or none?


1 teleport
1 Frozen armor
1 energy shield
20 frozen orb
20 cold mastery
Dont know what else to max

Thats it - so yeah, any help is appreciated! :)


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First off welcome to the forums :D
Second off skills should be like this
20 Cold mastery
20 Orb
20 Ice bolt (synergy)
20 Telekenisis
20 Esheild (max last!)
rest in warmth/prereqs
And stats like this
Str: enough to wear everything after gear equiped
Dex: See str
Vita: With esheild I'd go 1 or 2 in vita for every 3 in mana
Mana: Everything you can dump in :D

Items are always the biggest area of debate. Here goes what I'd consider good:
Nightwings: 5/5 cold died
Deaths Fathom (5/5 cold died)
Ormus robe (if you can get +3 eshield/15 cold you are set)
Lidless wall or Spirit if you can afford (you are NL so may be $$$)
Belt: Arach (FCR/extra mana 1 skills)
Gloves: Magefists (you need FCR)
Boots: Sandstorm trecks (still want some Faster hit recovery)
Ammy: again +2 sorc skills / 20%FCR any other nice mods is needed
rings: SOJ's are fine
Charms look fine

edited b/c I realized that 20% fcr doesn't spawn on rings.

Last note Fletch is a duped ammy, people around here don't like dupes/hacks/cheats/bugged items so if you mention stuff like that expect someone to pounce on you (I won't this time :D)


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Ok, thanks for your help, is the energy-shield route the best way to go would you say? not to pump vita and just have 1 in it?

I havent played sorcs recently, so is e-shield the new wave of how to make them?


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Also one last thing, is there a website where i can check out all the new runewords like spirit etc - as i dont know the mods.


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Well I'd say having some in vita is good, I'd say after you get str and dex where they need to be; for every level go either 1 vita 4 energy, or 2 vita 3 energy, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Esheild is the way to go for some sorcs, if you were playing a bliz sorc it's not as usefull... but orb and esheild can be maxed with all the synergies so it's a good deal.

Website, I don't know if we can post, but go to the official battlenet website and click on the D2 box near the top :)

Only problem with spirit is that you need 156 Str to wear it (lightest sheild with 4 sockets is a monarch).