Pure PvP BarbVCaster WW'er help - ty :)


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Pure PvP BarbVCaster WW'er help - ty :)

Hey all, im deciding to make a dual-wielding ww'er purely for those pesky caster duelers - im pretty sure of how im gonna make him, but any help is appreciated, here's the rundown so far:

Skills: Max mastery, Max ww, Max bo, rest going into natural res / incr. speed (any other ideas here? im purely vs caster)

Stats: Str / dex = items, en = none, vit = pump everything.

Arreats (maybe um'd for res, maybe 40/15 max'd? dunno)
2 x ebotdz (i considered beast, but i'd rather have 2 good dmg swings than 1 v. good and 1 average)
Enigma BP
1 x Raven
1 x Bul Kathos
Stashed sorb gear for trickier sorcs, tgods, another raven etc.

What do you guys think, not sure about some of the gear like dungos / dracs - any help appreciated!


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scratch nat resist. only needs 1 point. try ebotd + beast. this is the most solid setup that bvc barbs use. the OW is precious for run away casters.
sink the rest of your remaining skills into leap. sounds crazy but after it passes level 20, it gets about a whole screens radius and when a guy is leaped, it pushes the enemy back and sends them into double fhr animation (in other words it is your key to killing summon necros and minion stacking windies)

u dont really need the bulkathos. i d go with another frost. or a nice fcr ammy with mana and resist.

take out the verdungoes and put in arach.

stackign resist isnt really nesessary if you have good short whirls. the key to a bvc barb isnt the items but how you use leap and whirlwind. also knowing when to attack.

my friend tanks a good 5 blizzards before he goes down. and this is without having his sorc gear on.
use plain 20 life scs if your pooor. 3/20/20s if your rich. keep CoA in stash against zealers and smiters.look at mcms setup taht he posted in the PvP forum. he has one of the "better" barb setups.


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It's not much cheaper...

Of course this is assuming you make them yourself or don't get ruined on a bad trade.