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Pure PvM Sorc Build??

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Cwibster, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. Cwibster

    Cwibster IncGamers Member

    Jul 30, 2003
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    Pure PvM Sorc Build??

    Well thanks to you guys my MF sorc is now well on the way to being built and starting her first MF runs :) Now I have a decent Mf sorc going I should be able to get some gear a bit easier so I wouldn't mind making a pure PvM sorc. She'd be used purely for playing the game and helping out people.

    It'd be cool if she could have max resists, nice MDR and PDR on her gear and also deal a fair bit of damage (basically the perfect sorc)

    I'm after some help if possible and would like to hear peoples oppinions on what type of build to use for a PvM only sorc (along with gear allocation if possible please). I'm guessing a meteorb sorc would be pretty good all round as PvM but I'm kinda stuck when it comes to pure PvM only gear as I've only really learnt about Mf sorcs recently.

    Thanks in advance

  2. m0nk

    m0nk IncGamers Member

    Aug 26, 2003
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    I recommend CL/FO.

    Personally, I would use this for a non-max block sorc:

    Griffon's Eye w/ 5/5 Lightning facet
    Vipermagi w/ 5/5 Lightning facet
    Occulus w/ 5/5 Lightning facet
    Lidless Wall w/ Um rune
    SOJ SOJ rings
    +3 Lightning skill amulet
    Arachnid Mesh
    Silkweave boots
    5 Lightning skills Grand Charms
    1 Annihulus charm
    2 Cold Skills Grand Charm

    This will give you
    +18 Lightning skills
    +11 Cold skills
    120% FCR
    +10 mana after each kill
    -35% to enemy Lightning Resists

    This will give you a 6k CL, a 13.3k L, and 450 FO with -120% to enemy cold resists. It's a bit short on resists so fill the remaining inventory with good resists SC.

    Stats - based on clvl 80
    STR - 65
    DEX - Base
    VIT - 260
    ENE - 100

    Max block might see me use a Ravenfrost ring, Tal's belt for a dex twink and Whistans Gaurd w/ Um.

    Stats for max block based on clvl80
    STR - 65
    DEX - 130
    VIT - 180
    ENE - 125

    And of course skills would be:

    20 FO
    10 CM
    20 CL
    20 Lightning
    20 LM
    1 in prereqs and 1 point wonders

    The wetdream helm that would be the BEST ever would be a Jewelers Powered Circlet of the Magus

    This would be a 2 socket, +3 lightning, 20% FCR circlet that you could throw 2 Um runes in and have it +30 resists as well :) Extreeemely rare though...
  3. royalesse

    royalesse IncGamers Member

    Oct 14, 2003
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    That's a mean vicious nasty suggestion that M0nk put out for you and this doesn't beat it... and still... If you're looking to be a party person then you Should max Enchant & Synergies, and Firewall. The firewall damage beats an unsynergized meteor and you don't have the initial time delay. The important thing here is Merc equipment. If you go with Act 5 then you should put a Sazabi's set. If you go with Act 2 you should put Guillame's Face and RattleCage, socket both with UMs and upgrade the Rattlecage. Other than that get your merc a fast weapon and let the enchant get him the hits, the Crushing blow will do the physical damage and the Enchant do the fire damage and lay a few Fire walls at his feet to help him along.
  4. warding

    warding Banned

    Jul 4, 2003
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    Why would you use a +3 Light skills ammy with 2 cold/5 light skillers?

    This would get you 8 light/2 cold/0 fire

    Using the same slots, a +2 all skills, 1 cold, 6 light skillers

    This would get you 8 light/3 cold/2 fire.

    I use meteorb with max block/dr/resist for PvM, not bad for PvP either.
  5. m0nk

    m0nk IncGamers Member

    Aug 26, 2003
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    I threw those in after I had it done... :) I thought I might as well include some inventory stuff. Really, it would be optimal to go all Lightning GC as at +18 already, each additional +skill adds tons of damage due to High LM%
  6. Stormcryer

    Stormcryer IncGamers Member

    Jan 2, 2004
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    Tanking Tri-Elementalsit

    Going out on a limb here and hope I don't get flamed for being a sorc heretic.

    In a word... Max Block/Defiance Merc - ArchMage (The Tanking Tri-elementalist)

    DISCLAIMER....This build is based on LADDER PLAY, and finding/trading for a particlar set up of items that fill + skills. (some substitutions could be made, but so far it has been tested with the items listed in the Items section and has solo run up to ACT 5 Hell and will be verified as viable in hell in teh next few days.)

    Can be of either of the following, depending on play style.

    I built the following;

    The Stats
    Str 103
    Dex 203
    Vitality 90
    Energy 118

    The Skills
    First off I'l tell you I put 0 points in the following
    Hydra, Enchant, Chilling armor, Frozen Orb, Energy Shield

    27 Points in Pre-req for Blizz, CL, and Meteor, including 1 in each mastery
    3 Thunder Storm
    20 Chain Lightning
    7 Lightning Mastery
    20 Meteor
    7 Fire Mastery
    20 Blizzard
    7 Cold Mastery

    Full Tals Set (Stacked + Skills)
    Included UMed Mask, and (pTopazed armor)
    Upgraded Vicser Shield (pDiamond) w 203 dex at lvl 90 Max Block.
    2 x Soj

    2nd Slot
    Isted Occy (can be dual isted ali as well)
    Rhymed trolls Nest

    Misc Charms carried at all times
    6 + skill charms (3 each)
    1 Annihilus (Beg borrow, trade, Kill DC but get one)
    1 Gheeds

    Secondary grear (left in stash for NM MF runs only (Andy, Countess, Meph, Big D, and Baalin particule)

    Perfect Chance Guards
    2 x Perfect Nagels

    The Merc
    Act 2 Normal Defiance
    Always start your merc with your build as you get more out of him.
    His equip.
    Crown of Theives (eth)
    Leviathan (Needs ot be uped to a templar)
    Reapers Toll (need to be uped to a tomb)

    With this set up you get a whopping +13 to all skills, 75 to Lightning/Fire/Cold res. 65 to poison res. Not to mention increases in str/dex/man life. Merc and Shiver armor take your def to 6600+

    Some will argue the choice of the Tal Set vs building from Elite Uniques. Here's the rationale.

    Why I chose the Tal Set

    These are the Stacked attributes for the Set Only. There aslo some stacking from the 2 Soj, wartravs, and Magefists but I don't think that many would are about the inclusion of these items.

    50% Faster Cast Rate

    10% Life Stolen Per Hit
    10% Mana Stolen Per Hit

    +20 To Dexterity
    +179 To Mana
    +317 To Life
    Replenish Life +10
    +10 To Energy

    Requirements -80%

    All Resistances +65
    Cold Resist +40%
    Lightning Resist +40%
    Lightning Resist +33%
    Fire Resist +40%

    +655 Defense
    +50 Defense vs. Missile
    25% Faster Hit Recovery
    Magic Damage Reduced By 15
    37% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

    +1-2 To Lightning Mastery
    +1-2 To Fire Mastery
    +1-2 To Cold Mastery
    +6 To Sorceress Skill Levels
    Adds 3-32 Lightning Damage
    -15% To Enemy Fire Resistance (3 Items)
    -15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance (4 Items)
    +15% To Cold Skills Damage (Complete Set)

    168% Better Chance Of Magic Items (varies)



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