Pure Lightning PvP Trapsin


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Pure Lightning PvP Trapsin

20 light sentry
20 death sentry
20 charged bolt sentry
20 shock web
20 shadow master
2 bos
1 fade
1 mind blast

good layout for skills at 99?
pretty cookie cutter... but whatever
what do u guys think about shadow master vs shadow warrior, and should they be maxed.

as for equip is hoto // ss the best choice?


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go with hoto/SS for physical chars for elemntal chars go for 2x dual trap claws. and i believe u should also screw shadow master my lvl 1 is good enough and with +10 skill from gear its' all good. i believe those points would be a good investment in umm blade fury perhaps... just to juke the oppenent a little bit.


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I agree with most others, 1 point in SM is enough. I use SM, pretty much, just to disable other assy's traps, or to take that one critical hit from the sorc. That pretty much all it good for IMO. Just my .02