Pure Game - 2*8*04


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Pure Game - 2*8*04

1st off before I begin, I wish to send my condolences to Cyril... sorry for the loss.

Unfortunately, certain things in life cannot be avoided and death is that big marker than the higher powers call in when time is up. Whether that death is expected or not, it is always a time to reflect on your own life and perspectives.

** I pray for those who have passed b4 us... and for those who will do so in the future **


Our party continued towards the cold wasteland of the Arreat Platuea. Skunkbellina casting her cb's and showing a path w/ her hydras, Vanquishism prepared w/ hammers afloat, Mount-Olympus' carniverous vines and BlacKHearT_WinD's Hurricane chilling the air around the group.

We made our way through Crystalline Passage and came upon a frozen maiden, Anya who was trapped by the insideous Nihlathak. After freeing Anya we were awarded a scroll that increased our resistance to the elements. Our party proceeded into the Glacial Trails, and cleared the area of various beasts.

We then returned to Harrogath and spoke to Anya, who insisted we take her gifts. She then asked us to slay the unscrupulous Nihlathak since he schemed to imprison her.
* Women scorned have a big grudge - all she wanted was a nice relationship, but noooooooo... *

We accepted Anya's request and she revealed a secret portal which led to the depths of Nihlathak's lair. Once crossing into that spectacular red portal, we were greeted by several undead warriors and their leader, Pindleskin. They charged with the oversized claymores, but our party took their charges and brought wreckage to their fragile bones.

Pindleskin was unfazed by the slaughter of his undead warriors and before his death, Pindleskin sworn he would drag us to the depths, and he exploded his corpse which was a sight to see. After Vanquishism and Olympus cleaned their armor of the undead residue, we continued into the Halls of Anguish, which then was followed by the Halls of Pain, then finally into the Halls of Vaught.

We entered the final level with caution, explored the pathways, counterclockwise, starting from the bottom left pathway. It wasn't until the third pathway which we found Nihlathak... we took precaution of his corple explosions. While Mount's vines and my dire wolves ate the corpses, this helped make our way and ended the reign of this sickly necromancer.

Once we returned to Harrogath and told Anya, that we accomplished her request, she was quite thankful.

* Our group set up camp and rested for the evening.

We leveled pretty well, we are currently in the 32-33 stage.

Till next week...... Wing


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Once again im sorry that i missed the meeting, i can't believe i keep sleeping in until 2 or 3 and then totally forgetting about it. I will be there next sunday and i will be caught up. See you guys next week.

BTW good post on the updates Wing :thumbsup:


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From 1-2 i didnt see you guys online so ii left, i got a beserker level 30 and hes got anya done but not izzy and the a3 quests...could i join you next time?


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Well, managed to forget the game, yet again. ><;

I need some way to help remember these meetings. I'm always thinking about them until the day of, then my mind just goes blank on the subject and a loaf around all afternoon. Is it possible to solo the entire game with a smiter? If I keep forgetting like this, that's what it'll come to.

Anywho, I need someone to chew me out to remind me to play on sundays. I just can't seem to pull it off on my own.


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BreakThruX said:
From 1-2 i didnt see you guys online so ii left, i got a beserker level 30 and hes got anya done but not izzy and the a3 quests...could i join you next time?
That should be fine... just get Izzy done... on Sundays look for the following 2 accts.

Skunkbelly or DS_Wing

Just a reminder were on EAST HC Ladder...

@ Kev, just check the boards on Saturday if u can... I'll try to make sure some notice about Pure Game will be up.

@ Josher, get an alarm clock and make sure u have it across the room, so u have to actually get out of bed to shut it off :jig:


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Shadoway said:
Can you explain? Is he a puregame member? Thanks!
Cyril posted on the last thread. He planned to join this Sunday, but life has it's little quirks.

im a lvl 27ish trap sin, but i did twinkle her a bit so i guess i'll go for makin a MA sin if thats alright with you guys. as of now im in the process of registering for GAT. my account is Cyril32002
Sorry guys but im not sure if i am going to be able to make it on sunday, as i am going to have to attend a funeral. And even if i were going to get back on time i don't think i would have the energy to play.
I'm terribly sorry about this, feel free to replace me

Taken from last thread.