Pure FoH pally questions


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Pure FoH pally questions

What would be best skills to get? Should I plan out my equipment to see how many pts in Conviction to get it to -150% resists, or is there a bonus if a pump more? I would max FoH and holy shock...but what else should i max?? Or should I actually pump other combat skills or what to make my guy even better or more versatile?

Stats? What stats should i have for him?

Thank you


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depends man u looking to go PvM or PvP?

i can tell u right now that FoH is not a very good PvM skill, never really has been. between the casting delay, cost of mana, and monster resistances (dont forget lightning immunes also), its just not overall a particularly effective PvM skill - at least from my experience.

u have the right idea, if u max conviction a good 2nd skill to get would be vengeance because it works well with conviction. FoH is a pretty good PvP skill though. the other route to go would be to use zeal with holy shock when u arent using FoH

heres a setup u might wanna consider:

20 - FoH
20- holy shock
10 or so - conviction
10 - vengeance
5-10 points holy shield

the remaining 10-20 points could be used to amp up vengeance more, or put into resist lightning which will be a synergy of both holy shock AND vengeance. i also suggest at least a point in redemption or meditation since this build is somewhat mana intensive.


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Sorry!! It's definately PvP. You think vengence? Are you sure? I've always found vengence to kinda suck.....maybe I could max holy shield and then max smite last, and save myself on dex since i'll have the bonus to blocking and all and get more vit?

What about the stats though? All charms for str? Use str items?

I think I would have a lot of absorb/resist gear....but also have phys resist gear if i fight melee guys. Good idea? how many stats then?

Any help is appreciated!! ^_^

Also, what charms should I use??

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Here's the skill setup I'm going with. Mind you this is PvP and Single player leveling, i.e. NOT Bnet.

20 FoH
20 Holy Shock
25 Conviction AFTER plus skills. This is -150, the cap.
Rest divide between Holy shield and Smite
1 Fanat (IMO, VERY important)



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I'm wondering..why not 1 point in zeal? With your + skills, you'll have over 4, and when you have 20+ holy shock, you kill faster with that than vengeance (against non immunes anyway).


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WvX_leader said:
when you are a templar your backup should be a weak smite... not a weak zeal
i'd do charge instead of smite or zeal. if they sacrificed gear for lit resist, they wont have as much damage reduce. get a good weapon and charge away. you can still have your weak smite if charge fails. thats 2 backup skills. 1 point into charge is all thats needed with a good weapon. + skills will bring your charge up enough. just charge lock and all is good. in any case, i'd say put the rest into fanat after maxing holy shield. holy shield is very important due to its defense bonus.
graycloud said:
i'd do charge instead of smite or zeal.

You ALREADY have a ranged attack. If they come close - smite them with that weak *** smite [gogo]. For ALL other - FOH...

Smite = best backup because:

-A maxed holy shield adds good smite damage
-You will be using a HoZ [good smite dmg already]
-Ignores Target Defense / Uninteruptable [besides the sin's WB]
-I said so