Pure elemental druid?


Pure elemental druid?

I'm considering building one but way more over on the fire side of the tree. Is this particular build looked under as weaker?, Because I have rarely seen one fire druid around the hell difficultys often and it would be a challenge I am willing to undertake, to damn to hell all the people that say druids suck! So, a couple more questions....

-Gear suggestions, perferably twinked becuz it usually gets everything in one spot.

-Current guides I could look upon? I'm not much of a reader so a simple guide, not a strategy book.

Again I am planning to build a pure fire druid, but I am having concerns about fire immunes so any ideas on that would help to.


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not sure what your budget is, so I'll suggest something modest

Merc gear (most important imo of almost everything, don't skimp on this)

Fortitude armor (could use a Levi), Infinity Weapon (preferably high damage one) and an andy's helm (ral'd perhaps?)

That merc gear (use insight until your merc can use an infinity, gaze and shaft until you can use others) will help you easily GG hell.

I suggest a holy freeze merc, although a prayer merc would work as well

your gear (I'm assuming a modest budget of course)

get as many +1 elemental skill charms as possible

get a druid torch (low ones go dirt cheap)

get a low anni if possible (lower priority than torch)

fill in rest of charms with life and resists sc's

Helm: Shako is a good cheap helm, and really good, lots of life, dr, mana, socketed with a perf ruby, ber, or whatever else you think you need

Weapon: Hoto would be nice if you can afford, but a good cheap alternative is a spirit weapon (more expensive alternative? phase blade with 6x 5/5 fire facets works wonders, but there's lots of room for experimentation)

Shield: Go with a spirit shield if you can spare the strength (or if you use enigma). Otherwise, a lidless is pretty cheap and provides lots of good mods

Belt: arachnid's is a good thing to look for at the end, but until then Trangs belt is a very nice belt, provides cannot be frozen, lots of life and mana. Other possibilities are basically any belt with decent mods you can find

Boots: Silkweaves are a nice cheap alternative to other boots. However, sandstorms are some of the best. They provide stats, and big poison resists, and poison is something your cyclone armor won't absorb (provided you use it)

armor: Enigma is obviously the best. Chains of honor is another good armor. If you can't afford these, get something like an um'd vipermagi

Ammy: any garden variety +2 druid ammy with various mods will work. Mara's is obviously nice as well as nice +2 druid fcr ammys, but don't sweat too much over this. just get a nice +2 ammy and get the best mods you can with it..perhaps gamble a bit for it

Rings: Soj's if you can afford them (or bk's if you have them, probably better)

Natures peace is ok if you lack psn resists, and there are lots of good rare rings with fcr you can wear out there as well that have nice mods


at character level 90, you will have 90 skill points plus (3 den, 6 izzy, 3 rad)

so 102 skill points

I suggest put 1 point in oak first

then put a point up to cyclone armor (but nothing further)

max firestorm, max fissure, max volcano, put 10 points more in oak, max

this puts you right at 102 skill points

if you want to get to 99 you can get some points into geddon as well, but it's less useful than the others listed above

volcano will do max physical damage with boulder maxed (thus the reason you go for it over armageddon) and is used on fire immunes while your merc tanks em

but fissure is probably your best skill to use

eh, kind of a quick run down, don't look at it anymore than a quick reference