Pure charger weapon question


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Pure charger weapon question

Hi I was just thinking about making pure charger - no smite, no BH, no anything, just charge. I wanted to make like 1 hit pala. The strongest 2h weapon with botd. Would that build be effective? I know that I'd have to charge to enemy, then fall back and do it over again but with such great damage most chars (i assume no CTA) should die with 1 hit. So that's my first question.

And the second one. If that pala would be nice what botd should I use? I was thinking about War Pike and Thunder Maul, and maybe Giant Thresher but IAS doesn't affect charge afaik (correct me if I'm wrong) and GT's dam ain't that big. So it's up to War Pike or Maul. Just that the hammer requires 253 str and even with -20% from BOTD it's still very much.

So what would u guys suggest me?


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Pure charger... just to let you know, you won't win that much if you duel. If they are smart, they will walk and block your charge every time. Once they do that, you are screwed. But, if you are intent on making one of these, use warpike for range 5.
Personally I think for charge/smite, doom bezarker would be best weapon because the holy freeze paired with smite will do you wonders... also nice dmg already


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If you go 2hand do T-Maul and NOT War Pike

The pikes long range means that you can't continuly charge and often you'll have to back off, then charge


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for my charger/smiter im plannin on usin either schaeffers or tryin to get an eth upgraded headstriker for his charge and usin redeemer for his smite.

pure charge imo isnt good..i find it hard for most pure chargers to land an actual hit wen im walkin and waitin for em before i smite em.