Pure Blizz Sorc


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Pure Blizz Sorc

I just posted this ----------

Okay, well this is what my runs usually consist of. I haven't killed hell meph for the quest purposely.

So I join baal runs/chaos run games, kill meph then from there I kill the summonor (I sometimes do meph without my merc, but now he is strong enough to survive him so I try to keep my merc around all the time). The ghoul lords are a *****, but tele right to the summonor and you should have few problems.

After the summonor I'll hit up the ancient tunnels, if there are still a lot of poeple in the game I'll tele to the chest to open it asap and then clear out the tunnel as people leave (baal/chaos runs usually end around then).

After the ancient tunnels I'll go to Countess, her horde can be hard, but a constant static field on the cold immunes and a strong merc are very helpful. (her horde is much harder in an 8 player game though, so it's nice to do her when you are alone)

After countess I'll go to cold plains and follow the path way into the burial grounds. Kill blood raven and go into the crypt, find the chest and kill Bonebreaker, then go to the Mauselmumakjs,dh (dunno the name, but it's an 85 area with NO COLD immunes!)

then of course after bloodraven and countess who is left? Andy!

If your merc is strong enough go do Trav too, there is always one council member w/ cold immune but tele around and keep casting blizzard and they should be easy enough.

Hope that helped---------

Okay - no continue on to my question

Is it worth while for me to move into act 4 and 5? I'm a decently killer, maybe a minute or two to kill meph in an 8 player game, level 29 blizz i think. Now meph drops pretty nicely but would it be worth while to lose the quest drops just so I could kill pindle? Who else could i kill? Nihl?

My merc isn't strong enough for me to kill baal, but I don't know about diablo. Are there a lot of places where there are no ice immunes?


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If you are utilising the Meph quest drop, then it isn't worthwhile to kill him to get the quest. As you probably know, his drops after completing the quest will almost always consist of at least 1-2 junk items.

If you want to run Pindle, Nihlathak (who always has CIs surrounding him) and Baal, then it is better that you build a dual tree sorc to do that. I don't feel that using your pure Blizz sorc to run them is worth losing the Meph quest drops.

Only two level 85 areas have no CIs, Mausoleum and Ancient Tunnels.


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Awesome, thanks for the feedback.

I've started gearing up a new hammeradin/1pt smiter paladin so hopefully I'll be mfing in new regions soon. Just need a few more pieces of gear to feel comfortable with him mfing