Pumping Cloak of Shadows


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Pumping Cloak of Shadows

Are there any PVM builds that pump Cloak of Shadows?? What has been your experience(s) with pumping Cloak of Shadows? ie postive/negatives. thanks.
also here's my planned, long-term build. please let me know if u see any flaws:

Claw mastery 20
Venom 20
Wake of Fire 1
Mind Blast ~20
Cloak of Shadows = ??? ~15
Blades (forgot the name, it's the 2nd blade trap)= ~10
Fade= 2

Armor: Enigma
Charms: Mostly Resists, +life, and +mana.

Merc: Act 2 holy Freeze
Merc weapon: unknown at this point
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Re: Pumping Cloak of Shadows

cloak of shadows is a one-point wonder. there is never any need to put more than the single point into it.

pumping extra points into it can actually be counter-productive as it increases the time before you can cast it again.


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Re: Pumping Cloak of Shadows

A pumped CoS has some application for weapon-based, non-claw, low-twink, Normal Attack Shadowsins that tend to have a lot of points to spare. The timer is still an issue, but because they're killspeed is so slow, it's not as much as it is for more mainstream 'sins. Think Bowassins and the like, mostly. I've also put more than one point into a couple of Tiger builds.

That's further out there than most people are very interested in though.