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PTR: The Bandit Shrine

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Flux, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Flux

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    [caption id="attachment_384810" align="alignright" width="350"][​IMG] Goblin. Goblin. Goblin![/caption]One of the most fun additions coming to Reaper of Souls in v2.3 is the Bandit Shrine. It looks just like any other shrine but when you click it it spawns Goblins. Lots and lots of Goblins. All assorted types by RNG, including the juicy ones like Blood Thieves and Gellies, with another Goblin appearing via portal about every half second, and racing off in every direction.

    The loot from these encounters on the PTR is amazing thanks to the 2000% legendary drop rate -- I'm talking 20+ legendaries and 500+ shards, plus heaps of gems and materials -- but even with the normal drop rates these will be quite profitable encounters. And lots of fun too, as the Goblins pop out one after the other and scurry instantly into action.

    Warning #1: The shrine looks exactly like other shrines, so if you're in the habit of just clicking shrines while racing along and not paying attention to the name... you're in for some surprises. Of the 4 or 5 Bandit Shrines I've seen so far on the PTR, only one did I notice before I clicked it to start the headless chicken scramble.

    Side note #1: The first three of these I got on the PTR resulted in a portal to The Vault from one of the killed Goblins. I think that was just RNG, but I haven't gotten a Vault portal from any other Goblin yet, and with them spawning in pairs (thanks to the PTR community buff), you'd think the odds of a random Vault portal that would be pretty good.

    Side Note #2: Goblins via the Bandit Shrine do not appear in pairs. I guess the shrine might be spawning twice as many now, but it doesn't seem likely. (You get about 10 goblins per Shrine, and getting just 5 would be kind of weak.) And the goblins don't appear two by two, like a demonic Noah's disembark.

    [gallery link="file" ids="384809,384807,384808"]

    Video: Thanks to Meathead Mikhail for uploading a short video showing off a Bandit Shrine encounter. Click through to see one in action.
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  2. mjinspace

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    Bandit shrines are great fun -especially in high torments where killings all the little buggers is not done quickly.

    ON a side note, I got a portal to Greed's domain from a regularly spawning goblin, and halfway through the level was a new unique legendary monster. Anyone else seen this? I should have taken a screen shot...

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