PTR Patch 2.3.0 Undocumented Changes Master List



A grab bag of useful details about PTR Patch 2.3.0 undocumented changes. Not all are literally "undocumented," since there are other changes that are little-noticed. We'll start off with some Blue tweets about this and that:

PSA: Leaderboard right click -> View Hero Details shows gear, skills and Kanai's Cube of the hero at the time they got the leaderboard entry. [email protected]

Also in Patch 2.3: Experience gains and bonuses are now averaged across all players in the group (this should now be in the PTR patch notes) -- JohnYang

New Season 4 items aren't yet enabled on the PTR - this includes the Cat Mojo and the legendary gem. -- JohnYang

Most underrated Patch 2.3 change: Leaper Angels/Westmarch Brutes no longer deal damage if killed during their leap attacks. --JohnYang

Rifts and GRifts

  • Nephalem Rifts no longer require keys. Enter them freely, and kill Guardians to earn Greater Rift Keys.
  • The new Torment levels increase the equivalent of 5 GRs each (instead of 3). T7 = GR30, T8 = GR35, T9 = GR40, T10 = GR45.
  • Rift Guardians in can drop up to 2 Greater Rift Keys. (T7 and above?)
  • Top Leaderboard times now snapshot a character's gear/build/cube effects at the time of the clear, and this can be viewed on the rankings.
  • Elites in normal Rifts now drop orange progress orbs. (Not a bug, this time.)
  • Rifts are slower since monsters give less progress each. (A T6 Rift that took 2-3m before will take 4-5m now.)
  • Conduit Pylons are back to 30s duration, and their damage seems buffed also. (I was one-shotting everything on a GR48 with one.)
  • Urshi in Greater Rifts no longer has a Key Upgrade option, so there's nothing to do but upgrade gems. (Rank up a bunch of Gem of Ease for the "no reqs" cube recipe?
  • Gems can not be upgraded unless you finish the rift within 15m. (Proactively removes the "Zerg through a way too high Grift just for LGem upgrading" exploit.)
  • There is no more 30 cooldown timer when you end a Rift by talking to Orek, so you can do Rift after Rift with no delay. Beware closing before you've picked up all the Shards. (This might be a bug, since it was in the last PTR as a bug.)

Click through for Bounties, Gameplay, Kanai's Cube and Items

Bounties and Gameplay

[caption id="attachment_384785" align="alignright" width="255"] Butcher Bounty bonus chest.[/caption]
  • There are lots more Bounties now, including Boss kills (Maghda, Seigebreaker, Act Bosses, etc) and a large blue glowing chest appears after the boss kill for bonus loots.
  • The "wrong way stupid" arrow shows up on the map after 1m (instead of 5m) on Bounties. Doesn't always work to point to the stairs or dungeon you're seeking.
  • Bandit Shrine! Rarely found in Adventure Mode only. It spawns a Goblin pack ~10 Goblins of assorted types appear at once.
  • Odious Collectors may drop Forgotten Souls (orange material).
  • Keywardens drop Infernal Machines directly (not keys).
  • Uber Maghda holds her invulnerable shield for a much shorter time.
  • Ubers drop up to 3 organs at once (T7-T10 buff?).
  • Hellfire Amulets have an inherent socket.

Kanai's Cube and Items

[caption id="attachment_384786" align="alignright" width="250"] Rift orange progress orbs.[/caption]
  • Legendary and Set items produced via the Cube can be traded within the party just as if you'd found the item in that game. (Probably a bug that will be squashed.)
  • Blacksmith crafted items do not have level requirements. (And scale to the level of the character who creates them.)
  • Gem Essences required for the gem conversion are sold by Squirt the Peddler.
  • Cube Portal: Transmuting a Puzzle Ring opens a portal to The Vault. (There's less gold and fewer drops than the Vault you find in-game.) Only once per game.
  • Cube Portal: Transmuting a Bovine Bardiche opens a portal to Not The Cow Level, seen during the recent Third Anniversary event. Only once per game.
  • Ancient items have {{double brackets}} around their names in clan chat. (Screen below.)
  • In-Geom legendary sword now shows a buff icon when active.
  • Shenlong's Spirit Monk set now shows a buff icon when active.
  • Crusader's Steed Charge no longer passes through grates and fences.
  • Legendary items with displays that go longer than the screen can be scrolled down to view. (Some set items are very tall in the hover display.)

[caption id="attachment_384705" align="alignright" width="283"] Ancient {{double bracket}}.[/caption][caption id="attachment_384787" align="alignright" width="174"] Tall item tooltips scroll.[/caption]

That's all I've found or seen posted so far. Anyone noticed anything else, or got questions about the (mostly awesome) changes? Hit the comments...
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so ...

can you use the cube as many times as you want? i.e. to armor weapon jewelry new procs as much as you want?

each toon has to find their own cube, right or left?


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You can use the cube as much as you like as long as you farm the crafting materials. The cube is account-wide so you only have to find it once, or twice if you play both HC and SC (also season and non-season I guess, if they release it for non-season straight away)


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One of the Kanai's Cube options is to convert a set item, to a new and different set item from the same set. It is very inexpensive: 10 forgotten souls and 10 death breaths. No new bounty materials needed. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I had not yet got ancient versions of Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow and Warrior Blood. Within about 10 transmutes I got ancient versions of both. I have spent a LOT of time trying to get ancient versions of these weapons and now I basically had to do almost nothing and got them. It's fun to have them now for PTR, but it takes a lot away from the time I've already spent. I did the same thing for Focus/Restraint. I got ancient socket/CHD/CHC versions after 20-30 transmutes. If this stays as-is for the final patch, I can't imagine playing D3 until the new patch comes out.


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Blizzard posted already that they will not change the convert set item recipe exactly for the reasons you describe.



Non season and season = check. I got it with my seasonal DH, then played NS Monk and had to find it again. But it does go across account within seasons and sc/hc. Obviously the items you've enabled will merge when the season ends.


Correct. PC and console (UEE version) are on the same timetable for patches now. Just there's not a PTR for console, so they don't get to preview things.


I agree with the change. It's much too cheap to reroll a set item, and while the huge RNG of trying that with items in a 6p set makes it hard to get an upgrade, the current system lets you easily roll two-piece set items until you've got them both perfect.

On the other hand, the reroll legendary item is probably too expensive, with 5 each of the cache mats and 50 souls.


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The change where it snapshots leaderboard gear makes me chuckle. I always thought it was funny how the rank 1 players would change their gear on logout like it was some super-secret combo no one else was a allowed to know... when the next 1000 people on the same leaderboard are using the exact same stuff.


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Normal rifts the champions rares drop yellow progress orbs. Corrupted Ashbringer doesn't seem to be a legendary power Monks can use in Kanai's =( and for some reason we have the energy twister leg weapon on our list.


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I have read somewhere that you are now invulnerable after entering a level until move do something. Is it real?