PTR Community Buff Returns



[caption id="attachment_384980" align="alignright" width="350"] Cause meets effect...[/caption]The Diablo 3 devs seem to be turning the Community Buff back on every weekend, and it's live again on the PTR. Log in to enjoy massive buffs to the Legendary drop rate, along with triple EXP, double Shards and Goblins, and a general sense of despair as you cheat the system, and yet still can't find any Ancient item upgrades.

Or maybe that's just me?

PTR Community Buff Returns!

The following buff is now active on the PTR:

  • 2000% Bonus Chance to find Legendaries

This buff was reactivated on July 31 at 5:00 p.m. PDT. Happy testing! [source][/source]

The downside of the buff is increased traffic on the PTR, which likely means the return of queues (which were negligible all week). As always, it's helpful to join a clan on the PTR so you can join games with guild mates. Our IncPTR DiiPTRis open to softcore and hardcore until we hit the 150/150 max cap, again.
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This turning on and off the buff on a weekly basis is quite a good idea I think. Now you don't have to wait a whole month or however long the buff lasts to be able to log on and get some testing in.


Typo, I can't remember the new URL on the podcast or on news posts, apparently.