[PTR 2.0.1 WD Build] Zoo Doctor


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Hi Incgamers,

I've tested another cool build at the PTR and also wanted to share it :)

Build Idea: Massive Minions with fire damage focus

More screenshots @ imgur.com => http://imgur.com/a/abH7k


Firebats - Vampire Bats: (425% weapon dmg)

We've got 425% weapon damage with no channeling costs, works very good with our passive Pierce the Veil and procs the Fetish Sycophants like hell.

Gargantuan - Wrathful Protector: (575% weapon dmg)

I'm using it as a CD skill for elite packs/bosses and of course because it has fire damage and high weapon dmg.

Zombie Dogs - Burning Dogs: (20% fire dmg aura)

They are just there to distract enemies, their damage is not really high. Just meat shields no other purpose.
EDIT: Doesn't work anymore with latest PTR/Beta patch:
With your passive (Circle of Life, combined with high Pick Up Radius) we are able to get 5 of them without any other passive. And with the Big Bad Voodoo - Boogie Man we are able to get 10 of them !

Locust Swarm - Searing Insects: (1560% weapon dmg over 8 sec)

Another fire spell just for support and pull together some monsters.
Start with Locust Swarm and then use Firebats to finish off the monsters.

Spirit Walk - Honored Guest:
One of the best Spirit Walk runes IMO. Just helps out if you are out of mana after re-cast Firebats too often.
Instantly gives you 30% of your mana!

We also use it to break any form of CC we can't avoid or need to avoid.

Big Bad Voodoo - Boogie Man:

Damage buff for us and our pets. EDIT: Doesn't work anymore with latest PTR/Beta patch:The best thing about it, you will get up to 5 (10 Dogs with old patch) Zombie Dogs at a time without any Zombie Dog passives (Zombie Handler, Midnight Feast).
Just search for low HP monsters and get them together to generate up to 5 (10 Dogs with old patch) Zombie Dogs.

  • Act 1: Plague Bats (Fields of Misery, Festering Woods); Zombies (Weeping Hollow); .....
  • Act 2: Betrayed (Sewers, Desolate Sands)
  • Act 3: Stygian Crawler (Arreat Crater)
  • Act 4: Bile Crawler (Gardens of Hope)


Circle of Life:
Helps us to getting up to 3 Zombie Dogs, while Big Bad Voodoo is on cool down.

You can also use Grave Injustice to reduce all of your cool downs.

Fetish Sycophants:
5% proc chance of our main dmg skill Firebats. It generates them like crazy.
They have received a buff and do the same damage as the normal Fetishes
With our Firebats - Vampire Bats rune you just need to stand in town and hold shift and left click to generate some of them before you start, its really awesome.

Pierce the Veil:
We really don't have any mana issues with this build, since our main dps is Firebats with not channeling costs.
Cannot find any better passive for this build.

I still have my D3V gear on PTR haven't found any upgrade yet.
Some Items would be great to have:
  • Zombie Dogs damage
  • Fetish Army damage (not sure if they buff the fetish sycophants also, needs testing)
  • Tasker and Theo Loot 2.0 Edition: 100% Pet attackspeed
  • WD Helmet Loot 2.0 Edition: 100% Pet damage (don't know the name, sry)

I'm at 179K dps without selfbuffs, with 32 pick up radius on gear:
Profile with gear: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/shoko-2476/hero/30339434

Pets versus elemental effects:

  • They die instantly versus Poison enchanted mobs, it seems to be bugged (damage wise)
  • They are ****ing stupid, you need to backup and let them port to you to get them out of desecrator, plagued and poison enchanted.

Nice to have for Pet WDs:

Hope you like the build, i do. It reminds me of my Necromancer back in D2 days :)

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Little update here:

This build recently got nerfed with the latest PTR/Beta patch, you only can summon up to 3 Zombie Dogs at a time with Big Bad Voodoo - Boogie Man (it's capped on the passives you have, with Zombie Handler and Midnight Feast you can have 5 of them)
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Updated thread, Builds seems not viable without any new Loot 2.0 Items in T1(60) on PTR.