[PTR 2.0.1 WD Build] Spit and Spirit


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Hi Incgamers,

i just also wanted to post some builds I've tested on PTR.
I'm really sad that we cannot test them above Master Difficulty and without any of the new Legs, because the droprate is so bad.

Here is the first one: Spit and Spirit Build.

Idea behind this build:
Having a build with single target, AoE damage component and high mobility.

Spirit Barrage - The Spirit is Willing (425% weap dmg)

Spirit Barrage is an excellent skill for high single target dps and has a huge range.
Due its high range you should not have any problems catching treasure goblins and other freaking mobs that run away from you. Or just stand in 2nd line and shoot from a save distance.
Why Spirit of Willing Rune? It gives back a huge amount of mana = awesome.

Acid Cloud - Kiss of Death (330% damage, 396% dot damage via 3 seconds)

AoE Damage: Acid Cloud received a huge buff in this patch. The damage is really high and you have a dot component on it. It works very well with life leech at the moment to keep you alive while something is hitting you.

Hex - Angry Chicken

You become a chicken, which hits for 1650% weapon damage. Burst AoE DPS. Freaking awesome.
Other benefits of Angry Chicken.

  • Removes Jailer
  • Knockback enemies
  • Movement speed increase

Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit (780% damage)

Your main DPS buff, try to keep it up with 5 stacks. I also use it to burst down enemies with 780% weapon damage.

Spirit Walk - Honored Guest

My main usage is for this skill is:

  • 1. Mana gain (30% on activation)
  • 2. CC breaker
  • 3. Movement speed increase

TIP: Combo it with Hex rune: Spirit Walk then Hex for max movement speed increase!

Grave Injustice
Gives us hp/mana reg and cooldown reduction to spam even more of our CD skills.
I also have a lot of pickup radius on my gear (32 increased pickup radius)

Gruesome Feast
Damage and mana for health globes. Since we pick up nearly everything on the entire screen due high pickup bonus its really a good choice.

Blood Ritual
HP reg for more survivability and 15% mana cost reduce. Allows us to spam Spirit Barrage.

I still have my D3V gear on PTR haven't found any upgrade yet.
Except the Amulet, it's lvl 61 now and i cannot wear it. I have found a decent one with 11% poison skill dmg high int and ias(http://i.imgur.com/N14qbr9.jpg).
I replaced my XP gem in helm with MF gem.

I'm at 179K dps without selfbuffs as you can see on amulet screenshot.
Profile with gear: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/shoko-2476/hero/30339434

Pickup radius: 32 at gear for passives

  • Off-Hand: 20 Thing of the Deep
  • Boots: 5 Zuni boots
  • Belt: 7 Witching Hour

4-piece Zuni Bonus for additional Mana regen.

Paragon Points: 49 per Tab at Paragon LVL 184

  • Core: everything in Int: 230 Int
  • Offense: everything in Crit Chance: 9.20%
  • Defense: everything in Armor: 23% (I just found out that Resist all is even better => everything into Resist all)
  • Utility: everything Resource Cost Reduction: 9.20%

Detailed Stats:

Hope you guys can test it out on yourself, i like this build very much.
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This build gets completely melted in T1(60) but is playable in Master (60). Eventually it needs some Loot 2.0 Items / better gear but without them its not viable for Torment.