PSP hits stores at midnight!


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PSP hits stores at midnight!

Well, the wait is almost over for all of us who decided to save money and not import the handheld system. lol.

So any thoughts on the system compared to nintendo ds? Or how about the beginning games for the psp? I think the the top games would have to be Metal Gear Ac!d and Ridge Racer since they have been advertised so much.

Also, if any of you ppl remember the really long lines for the ps2 release what do you think about the psp release? I heard on the radio that ppl are already lining up outside game stores in nyc. Thats freakin crazy! I mean theres a blizzard over the north east u.s. right now!

Anyway, heres to the psp's success and a new step toward handheld gaming! :drink:


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first I've heard of it. Eh, I don't really play on the go anyway and they seem to only support their propriatary format. If they made software for burning to compatable disks I might be more interested.


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I'm a bit of a Nintendo fanboy, but even if I wasn't I just don't need a gadget that can play all of my multimedia or whatever. Not to mention the very short battery life since it has to spin a disc.

I'm interested in games, not all-in-one machines. I don't even have a DVD player, and I've bought maybe 5 VHS movies in my life. My iPod is more than enough to play music. However, there's just so little games being made for Nintendo machines nowadays I might have to jump ship when the new systems come out.


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PSP comes out at midnight? These new-fangled gadgets keep coming out, there's no way to stop them. I'll stick to my crappy Game Boy color that'smissing the lid for the batteries, thank you.

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Just an FYI for all you PSP buyers, the Japanese version has a defect which makes the triangle button really icky-sticky.

When confronted with this problem, the Sony President said, "That's not a manufacturing defect, that's a design feature. We worked so hard to make it small that we have to make some design changes somewhere."

They refused to fix the defect for several months before turning around on it and making some sort of gesture. Point is still that they are not exactly reliable little things.

Not that I own any handheld to begin with, but whatever.


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Killing Frenzy said:
PSP? Its weird to think that people are lining up for this and I've never even heard about it.
It's been featured in magazines and it's been on the internet for quite a while now.

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Oh well. Hand held gaming systems are over rated anways. The only hand held gaming system I need is beer. Its alot more fun, alot cheaper, and you can throw it at someone if you get really mad.


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rplusplus said:
Too much to spend for a toy that could break if the dog farts to close to it.
The thing is pretty rugged . . . I've played around with them in stores. I don't play enough games to warrant spending that money, but it's a nice little toy.

If you've got a dog whose flatuence can destroy things that easily, I think we're going to have to send in the military to get rid of that little weapon of bioterror there, R++. Or should I say . . . Uday?!?!

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I don't understand handhelds, do you need to play while on the can?


just get out of the stores quickly, I want to get God of War and I don't want to have to club people to get through


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hm.. a little dissapointed that not that many ppl here are excited about the psp's release. o well..

its just that the psp not only is a breakthrough in portable gaming but it also is a breakthrough in other forms of media. So far, with the UMD's and memory sticks, it can also act as a mp3 player and movie player as well. Who knows what else it can do in the future?


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I am debating if I want one....wait I know I want one but do I really need one? Ummm if I start working more often with my uncle and start taking business trips with him then I'll probably get it to keep me occupied on the plane and while in Europe but otherwise I probably will not get it.