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so, i've read all the guides on the stickied, and did some research. but haven't found a real answer.

i'm making a psn-necro and was wondering what to do regarding skill builds and whether i'll have enuff points.

planning on maxing psn dagger, explosion and nova & 1 pt. into bone armor. the problem is after that. I will have a clay golem to be used as a tank. for curses, i will primarily use Lower resist (and have life tap + decrep on standby). my question is... i need to distribute my remaining points into clay golem, golem mastery and lower resist. what would you recommend? remember - already maxing 3 skills and since the golem is going to be a tank, i would rather put more points into the skill that would help keep my golem alive (between golem mastery and clay golem).

also, I plan on going full trangs (for the vampire look!). what dex would i need (at most) to gain full blocking %?

thanks for your help!


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Unless you plan on using a dagger or just using it for synergy i would put the points into summons. then build from there.

skelies in pvm are your friend they can tank almost anything in the game. plus it is really helpful when you run into a pack of poison immunes. acts 4 and 5 plus certain undead act 3.

even with breaking the lock with lower resist it helps to have the melee guys there. i recommend gumby 1 point in golem and mastery. works for me after + skills and things he is like lvl 11.

the half and half build works very well for me.

goes like this

lower resist



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If PvM, I would go for 20RS/1SM with full poison. They are way tougher than you think that are, even at that lvl. 40 skele/40 poison doesn't kill as fast than full poison when you have dweb.

LR needs to be lvl 10 or higher after +skills, but no need for more.


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only problem is i'd rather avoid the skeletons. 1 pt in gumby and 1 pt in mastery, with at least lvl 10 L.R. seems to provide an answer for me. anyone know how much dex? for a full trang set?

thanks for the answer, guys