Prudence Sorc?


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Prudence Sorc?

+25% Faster Hit Recovery
+140-170% Enhanced Defense (varies)
All Resistances +25-35 (varies)
Damage Reduced by 3
Magic Damage Reduced by 17
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
+1 To Light Radius
Repairs Durability 1 In 4 Seconds

From some (brief) calculations if you put this in a perfect ebug archon plate and got a perfect roll you can get 3183 defense, and it repairs itself. Plus the res/fhr mods are gravy, and the magic/phys damage reduce is gravy (more on that soon).

So I was thinking of making an anti-ww (both assa and barb) sorc, one that had huge defense that very few people will suspect, and also have max block and max DR. As having a cold shield lends itself to a defense build I chose an orb sorc.

Cold Skills

20 Ice Bolt
20 Frozen Orb
20 Cold mastery
20 Chilling Armor
6 Pre-reqs

Light Skills

1 Static (pvm)
1-x Telekenesis
1 Tele

Fire Skills

1-x Warmth

Total of 90 skills to start with, finished at 79. Rest of skills go into Telekenesis (or warmth).


Strength for gear
Dex for max block with storm
Some mix between Energy and vit, or else pure vit.

Total Defense:
Assuming perfect everything and level 99:

Storm: 519
Prudence: 3183
Sandstorm trek: 267
double up'd mages: 98
Arach: 138
Base defense (due to dex): 59
Total Base:4616

Prebuffed level 51 Chilling armor = %295 enhanced defense

Final Def:18,233

Which ain't bad at all, especially if the BvC or wwSin sees you and puts on fast cast gear over ar gear.

If you went the Telek route, you could nearly max it with a bit of leveling, would allow you to be even more of a tank, excessive prebuff of ES wouldn't be necessary as large life pool would be preferable as the enemies your trying to negate often use poison and OW to kill you.

Main problems:
Can't use both Nightwings and Deaths Fathom and achieve 105 fcr. Hoto would be nice for the resists, fcr, and dex boost.
For max DR both helm and shield would need to be ber'd which would lower damage.

I reckon it could be worth a go, and can always swap to other gear when not fighting a char that relies on their ar to hit. Could even loose the block and go for spirit.

Thoughts/Critiques? Anyone tried this?


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Re: Prudence Sorc?

Even with the extra def, I don't see it stopping a bvc. WW sin would help, but a ghost would probably stunlock you and manage regardless.


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Re: Prudence Sorc?

You could try a perfect ebugged Stone. It has over 5k defense but it breaks, luckily its cheap. Even then you would be better off using a paladin if you want huge defense. I guess you could make a smiter with 70-80K~ defense.


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Re: Prudence Sorc?

Yeah it needs some big modifiers like a pala with defiance sitting in town or a barb buddy casting shout to help. BM in either case :p


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Re: Prudence Sorc?

Your just nerfing yourself. They only need to throw on angelics or some fools and your whole build is toppled.