Pros/Cons of pure LF vs LF/PJ


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Pros/Cons of pure LF vs LF/PJ

Hi ive got a respectable lvl pure LF zon and my friend is using LF/PJ

When we both do cows or baal it seems the difference in damage is only marginal like only 200 or something.. I would have thought a pure LF zon would be able to produce more damage i dunno!
So far Charged Strike and Lightning Fury is maxed and now valk is near lvl 17 so ill be maxing Lightning strike after but at the moment i dont think its worth it
does max charged strike equate to 20% increase, i am also using that rainbow facet jewel so that would be 25% more damage than my friend i should be getting?

I dunno im kindof regretting the pure zon now im thinking i should have done LF/PJ iit seems more flexible.

Can anyonegive me details of average damage theydo for PJ and how long it takes to kill LI wit h it



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Maxing the synergies just for LF is not going to help all that much, since LF is such a great killer all by itself unsynergized. The reason to pump all the synergies is for a massive charged strike to use on act bossess. So if you and your friend are MFing together I'd say your doing it right. You go with maxed CS and synergies and let him go with a bunch of poison jav. Then go tank some bosses.

As fas as flexibility goes i've usually built my zons with a bow on the switch and use FA the light immunes. Since you already have a 17 Valk, your probably not going to be able to max CS and all it's synergies so you could consider using FA on switch. Lvl1 FA with some plus skills can be pretty effective in a 1 or 2 player game. Especially with Valk and merc tanking. While playing with your friend you could freeze the light immunes, he poisons while Valk and Merc tank. You keep sniping with FA.

It sounds like you might be too far along to start pumping your poison skills now but there is a big difference between a fully synergized boss killing Light zon and an all terrain go anywhere kill anything zon. The latter requiring a bow or massive poison synergies.


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Here's my findings with my Hardcore LF Javazon...

I have LF maxed, CS near max and PJ maxed. PJ is fairly useless. I think the better route is to go hybrid. I've added a Buriza on weapon switch to my zon, put a point in magic arrow and multi-shot, and that kills MUCH faster than PJ does.

Next time, i'll use the points from PJ and put them in FA.

IMO Lightning strike is unnecessary, unless you plan on actually using it. CS does fine with the LF synergy IMO.


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Yeah!! Kirsty to the rescue with the stats. We love you Kirsty :worship:

Kirsty do you know what the deal is with the enhanced damage jewels bug in armor?